Japanese Knot Weed (Merged)

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I have just cleared my garden (all 5 by 20 flagstones) of Japanese knotweed - again! I had to lever up each stone and dig out all the roots by hand. The problem is that is always comes back because the main root is under next door's graden and when they got someone in to remove all the weed & concrete over it they left the roots behind.

I looked at weedkillers to try and stop the roots coming back - they are so expensive and I have a large area to cover I'd need about 10 bottles!
Any old-style remedies? I've tried salt before but it didn't work.

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    In the Food section of the MEGA Index sticky at the top of the forum listing you'll find some threads on weedkillers listed in the Grow Your Own bit.
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  • Oh look it's vinegar again.

    I hope this works - apparently Japanese knotweed is a "notifiable" pest. We told the environmental people at the council & the landlord - who told the freeholder - all of whom went "oh sh*t" becuase this stuff can go straight through concrete & it's a bit close to the house. Nobody did anything though.
    Still wish I could buy a TARDIS instead of a house!
  • Our local civic amenity cenre wont even let anyone tip it there its such a nuisance!
    When we sold our last house somebody viewing said we had a "tardis shower" might be a bit wet tho!
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  • Sorry to hear you have this plant in your garden. You have a potentially serious problem looming and it won’t go away on its own. The following site provides a good description of this invasive plant, along with information of treatments, chemicals, legal obligations and so on. It is a commercial site and I’m in no way advocating the use of their services – just referring it for the information they provide. Hope this is of use to you.

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    It's not just you having the problem. Spotted this BBC News article a while ago. It's causing problems for the 2012 Olympics and also delaying a major road project. There's a bit more info on the weed itself:


    There's also a link the 'Japaneese Knotweed Alliance' and the site does recommend specific types of weed killers and means of control.

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    Anybody had any success with trying to get rid of this "dreaded" weed using organiC methods. If not, anybody had any success in getting rid of it by ANY MEANS?:mad:
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    You can not get rid of it even useing non organic methods short of burning every part of the plant.
    I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure.
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    There was a thread a while ago in Old Style, I put some links on it as did some others.

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    Japanese knotweed is a wild edible. Young shoots up to one foot in height can be harvested early in the spring, then steamed or boiled for four to five minutes and served like asparagus. Slightly older stems can be used to make a rhubarb-like jam by peeling and boiling the sour rind with sugar and pectin.
    Now you know.
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    The Japanese Knotweed Alliance is probably the best source for information on this nuisance
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