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  • I remember my prmary school secretary sitting with her arm around me rubbing my back whilst I vomited continuously with what turned out to be appendicitis, waiting for mum to arrive. Its a good memory from a horrible experience. I hope another secretary would be able to comfort any children I may have in the future without fear of me complaining about her.

    Ours also gave us the periods talk, which mum never gave me, so without her I would probably have thought I was dying.
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    I've been searching till I'm blue in the face but I can't find any similar scenarios.

    DD (5yo) told me she had to go to see the school secretary who 'checked her head (with moving hair actions). She (school secretary) asked is dd's head itched to which DD replied '"sometimes". She wasn't aware of anyone else being sent to the secretary's office and was a bit miffed as 1 of her pals had ribbed her about 2being sent to see the Head for a telling off"

    I use a nitty gritty comb weekly and she doesn't have nits. Whilst I don't have a problem with DD being checked I don't like the idea of her being singled out for checking.

    Is it time for a polite word, do you think?

    Have you thought that your dd wasn't aware of anybody being sent to the school secretary because the teachers handled the situation so discretly that nobody really knew who was sent where and for what?

    In my school, the school secretary is also the main first aider to whom children are sent when they hurt themselves or have any kind of health related problem. Would it possibly be the case in your school and you wouldn't be aware of it?

    As for a pal teasing her about being told off by the headteacher, think about it, does it really warrant you being? Do you want your daughter to be strong and happy at school and be able to cope with various situations that may arise or do you want her to be a doormat?

    My dd has very thick hair and when she was at primary school she got head lice from school. And then I got them. I never had a problem with her hair being checked. Having head lice is disgusting.
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