Problem with my DD's nursery, what do you think?

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    [/QUOTE]"I personally would not be dosing my child up on strong medicine when i am sure there are other remidies .

    Before anyone shouts, my son as a newborn had this for 6 weeeks so am not being coldharted just thinking there has got to be other ways other than drugs.[/QUOTE]

    Luckily for your Son, he only had it for 6 weeks, think how your son suffered and was in pain and there was nothing you hadn't tried both non-medical and medical, now take that on a further 8 months, visiting the peadiatrition at the hospital on a number of occasions to be prescribed a medicine that is going to ease the problem. The OP's daughter has not just had the issue for 6 weeks, it has been an ongoing condition. I and the others who have mentioned Movicol have, I expect been through the other remidies and the reccomendation of Movicol is not just a flippant comment. We have all had successes with the medicine (drug as you prefer). Part of the psychological problem is that it hurts when they go, they know it's going to hurt and so they hold it in, which in turn aggravates the problem. !!!!
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    I just want to put another good word in for Movicol, my nephew has to take this everyday or he gets seriously constipated and in agony.

    It took about a month of him using it for everything to settle down but now he takes on sachet a day and it keeps everything "running smoothly" so to speak ;)

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    Poor you and your daughter! Changing a small child occasionally seems to be such a little thing for staff to do, to support her and her family. Especially in these days of disposable gloves and pull-ups!

    As an aside, it may be worth requesting allergy testing, if you haven't already.

    My friends' little girl had terrible problems with constipation, for many years, (often necessitating hospital intervention,:() until a new consultant prescribed a dairy free diet. Since starting this diet, she has had no problems whatsoever with her bowels .
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    Jay, that's a good idea about requesting allergy testing, someone else suggested that to me.

    I really hope that if she gets put on Movicol it will sort her out fairly quickly, although I'm worried that for some it still takes a long time before they get into a normal pattern and are reliably going to the toilet.

    I'm concerned about what will happen if she's still having problems next September when she starts P.1. The Head seemed to think that if it was still an issue then that she would be very likely to get a support assistant funded by the Board but I've heard of cases where funding is refused for this and the Board says that the School should be able to deal with it.

    This evening we went to the open night of 2 primary schools, the first was the one where she goes to the nursery, this is our nearest school. Then we went to another which has a very good reputation but is a 25 -30 minute walk from our house. We were impressed by the school's facilities and the Head seemed more approachable but DH asked about how they would deal with DD if she was still having problems and he said the teachers and TAs wouldn't be willing to change her and we would have to supply medical evidence and apply to the Board, but she would be unlikely to get full time support.
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    This thread worries me. My DD is 3 years and 2 months. she was reliably dry at 2.5 and everything was fine barr the odd accident but then she got a uti. UTI set her back badly and she associated potty with pain so kept holding her wee until pretty much bursting point. The only way around this seemed to be putting her into absorbant pull ups again which we have done. A kick back from her holding wee in was she was also holding in her poo got constipated and needed pico to get things moving again. She is now on movicol daily to try keep things soft but point blankly refuses to go potty if she feels she is needing a poo She seems to be activly holding back her poo and is having frequent wee accidents. She should be going to nursery in January and the LEA have assured me that the toilet issues will not stop her being given a place but i am so so worried. We have roughly 4 weeks until she starts and i'm at my wits end.

    Does anyone have any advice??
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    LilacPixie, have you spoken to anyone at the nursery about it? Maybe they will be supportive, they can't refuse to take her but some nurseries seem to be a lot more understanding than others. If they seem reluctant I would get a letter from your doctor to explain that there is a medical problem.
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