Joining the armed forces with an IVA

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post on here so i apologise if i have posted in the wrong place! Im just wondering if you can join the army if you have an IVA, i havent sent back my application form yet but i am seriously considering it, i have around 15000 of debt and im currently in a DMP paying £350 a month, if i take out the IVA and get accepted i would only be paying £210 a month, ive read that the army wont consider you if you have outgoings of more than £295 per month. The only other thing i pay out is car insurance for £103 per month but hopefully this will come down again in april when its due for renewal and ill be under the £295 mark! Im just hoping that an IVA wouldnt stop them from accepting me, the worst thing is the debt is only half of mine, the other half is my dads he ripped me off and did a runner!

Can anyone help? i have searched the internet and found nothing, even the online careers office didnt do much for me, they just told me to visit the careers office...

Thanks in advance!


  • Try asking here on the ARmy Rumour SErvice,the is joining up board on there.
  • I know when you join they want you to be as unstressed as possible, due to the need to focus when going through training, I would suggest talking to the careers office and see.
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    I cannot really see a reason why you cant, but then you could go bankrupt before you joined the army if you did not own any property etc.

    I guess you would be living on base for the first 2-3years, so only 3 more years and your away.

    When you have a few years behind you in the forces, £15,000 will be a bank loan that can take 20mins to get.

    The only way you would know is to apply for it, but why the Army.?

    Why not the RAF...... :)
  • If you join the Army you will be in Afghan in no time and you will soon save up the £15k on Ops!!
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    my hubby joined the army with a fair bit of debt, monthly payments similar to what your paying out and it wasnt a problem. They were more bothered about our mortgage tbh! Speak to your careers advisor, i think if you can demonstrate you are in control of your debts and they are'nt going to affect your commitment to training it should be ok. Best to be honset from day one tho- having debt shouldnt reflect badly on you, but if your caught fibbing or glossing over things that will! Depending on what you go into it may take a while to get in anyway by the time your through selection etc, do you have any way to make a dent in the debts while your waiting? The army wont go through your finances before you join, but they will ask general questions

    good luck!
  • hi everyone,

    Thanks for all your input, i went to the careers office today and they said i should apply for my IVA and get it. Once i have it i need it in writing what i am paying into the IVA, then it shouldnt be a problem. Its so hard to get in! didnt think there would be this much hassle! By the way i chose the army over the RAF because its suits my personality more, id rather be on the ground than in the air in the thick of the action!

    Thank you all again!
  • There is always the RAF regiment.
    When I joined up the RAF in 2000, they asked no questions about my finances.
  • I know a few people in the army with IVA's, as long as your not bankrupt. If that is any use to you.
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    I know for certain that they do perform financial background checks.
    However, the Armyu are far more lenient than the Navy or Air Force as the pongos aren't as liable to be party to 'sensitive information'.

    It is nothing to do with being 'stressed' about owing money.
    Its the fact that someone can blackmail you, or you can be tempted to give information in return for cash if you are in a financially vulnerable position.
  • You can be bankrupt in the army now, they would prefer that to you being, as woody01 said, open to subversion and blackmail.

    What sensitive information do you think the RAF and Navy have by the way, that the army don't in this era of joint ops?
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