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Mung Beans



  • I'd chuck them in a stew/casserole/sauce type thing, or sprout them. Mine always took about a week to sprout though :eek: sadly I never planned that far ahead :o
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  • oldMcDonald
    oldMcDonald Posts: 1,945 Forumite
    What on earth can I do with 3kg of mung beans?

    My friend turned up with this gift for me this morning, she had been cleaning out her cupboards and had found a huge bag of mung beans - ordered accidentally from SUMA. She said she knew I was a vegetarian, so I should know what to do with themconfused-smiley-013.gif

    The thing is, they are best before 1 July 08. I know that they will be fine after their use by, but after a while they will get tough so I need to use them ASAP. I have just started sprouting some of them, but there is a limit to how many bean sprouts we can eat!

    Any ideas?
  • Quasar
    Quasar Posts: 121,720 Forumite
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    If/when they get too tough you can sprout them. I find mung sprouts to be among the best, enriching any salad with their good nutritional value. Also, I often let them grow until the double leaf becomes about 1 inch long then cook them as a very delicate green. :)
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  • Pink.
    Pink. Posts: 17,675 Forumite
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    Hi OldMcDonald,

    There's an earlier thread with lots of ideas for using mung beans that might help so I've added your question to it to keep the replies together.

  • oldMcDonald
    oldMcDonald Posts: 1,945 Forumite
    Thank you Pink.
  • kitaj
    kitaj Posts: 67 Forumite
    Grind them up, mix with olive oil and, if you like a bit of your favourite essential oil and you've got a fantastic body scrub.:D Old Japanese recipe I believe - can also be used on your face if you're not too sensitive....
  • chigozieo
    chigozieo Posts: 18 Forumite
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    mung beans go further if you sprout them. just soak them in a jar , about 1/3 full overnight. then rinse them and place in a warm dark place, I sprout them in my kitchen boiler cupboard. rinse once or twice a day, and they are ready to eat on about two day, when they have a little tail. you dont have to bother about removing the green skins, they are edible. if the jar gets too small as they grow split the batch into two jars, or use a bigger jar. glass is best and its a good use for my honey jars on other pots which i cant chuck out. my friend likes her sprouts after just a day, when the little tails are tiny and the beans are quite crunchy. i like them when they have grown a bit, about 3 days in, but you can sprout them up to 4 or five days as long as you rinse them often enough, i would recomend twice a day. Add raw to salads or cous cous, rice etc, or stir fry.
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  • mandy43_2
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    I recently purchased a huge amount of mung beans and aduki beans from my local supermarket. 10p a 500g bag off the clearance shelf with 12 months date on them. I soak them overnight and use them in a variety of dishes, great in curries, soups, stew and casseroles. Very good for vegetarians.
  • Hylda
    Hylda Posts: 10 Forumite
    I'd just cook 'em up with onions and tomatoes and then freeze in batches for use as a base for veggie burgers, pies, salads, curried etc.
  • Grumpysally
    Grumpysally Posts: 790 Forumite
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    Has anyone had any luck sprouting chickpeas? I bought a packet for sprouting rather than the ordinary cooking ones ( suspect I was ripped off there) Both times despite constant attention they started to ferment and then turn mouldy.
    BTW is there any reason you can't sprout the products you buy for cooking, lentils, chickpeas etc., or is this just a marketing ploy?
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