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Mung Beans



  • Nice idea! I've never tried that before!

    When you say rinse - you tip out the water after? So the beans don't sit in water?

    Off to find some old tights!
  • These ones have been sitting around for a while as I didn't know what to do with them....

    A few weeks ago I was baking a pie that needed the pastry baked blind with some of those baking beans on top - I don't have any of those so I put some normal dried beans on top (some black beans and mung beans) (I've never had to bake anything blind before, so have no clue about how - I guess you need to stop the pastry case from rising?? Anyway the dried beans didn't really work but the pie turned out good!)

    So now I have these dried and now baked beans. Can I still cook them? Could I sprout them?

    Btw, thriftlady if you're out there, I've started sprouting my other mung beans and they're doing really well!! Cant wait to eat them!
  • Pink.
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    Hi alex,

    I have merged your threads on mung beans together as it helps other Old Style readers to find all the replies together. There is also another recent thread that might help you with your beans: Mung Beans

  • thriftlady_2
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    alex_w wrote:
    Nice idea! I've never tried that before!

    When you say rinse - you tip out the water after? So the beans don't sit in water?

    Off to find some old tights!
    Yes,tip it out - it's like you're watering them I suppose.

    Sorry I've only just caught up,so my answer might be a bit too late:o
  • Thanks!
    I figured it out - also found the big thread on sprouting beans.

    They've grown so much I had to put them in a new container!!

  • Can anyone tell me how to grow beansprouts? I bought a packet of mung beans from the supermarket and put them in a container with holes and little bit of water - they didn't grow and went mouldy. What am I doing wrong?:confused:
  • babyblooz
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    I think you just rinse them with water, and leave them in a light place, so they can sprout although it takes a few days for them to start, then you rinse them gently with fresh water every day, You do this for several days I think, and the nutritional value of them shoots up as as they sprout, so they are a good cheap way of supplementing your diet.

    I think we did them in a jam jar, on a windowsill with lots of natural daylight. We did ours on the kitchen windowsill, to remind me to keep on rinsing them.

    Try googling it and I am sure something will pop up to give you the details.

    Good luck!
    :hello: :wave: please play nicely children !
  • wigglebeena
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    Gotta keep 'em rinsed - twice a day is rock bottom minimum. Got to keep 'em drained - glass jar upside down, cheesecloth fastened over the top with a rubber band, resting at an angle (not firmly fixed and airtight) on a container like a bowl or cup so they're not rotting in a puddle, is best.

    Plus if your beans are too old you're likely to have problems - if they've been sitting in your cupboard for two years you may be wasting your time. Although apparently scientists have managed to sprout 2000 year old wheat grains, so you never know...

    I've never found mung beans as satisfactory for sprouting as some others, say, sunflower seeds, chick peas, marrowfat peas, wheat berries, alfalfa, radish seeds. (Hothothot, that last!)
  • wigglebeena
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    Plus, you need to soak them overnight first - did you do that? (Not longer than overnight, though, they're a bit fussy about the timing. Sunflower seeds are pretty hardy and could probably do without the soaking).
  • Kazonline
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    Have a look at this thread - I learnt everything from this and have sprouted lots with success thanks to it :D
    Kaz x
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