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cleaning bathroom tiles



  • dane-katie
    dane-katie Posts: 961 Forumite
    Where does the body fat come from when your in the shower!!!
    Is a Bipolar bear :p
  • Jacey53
    Jacey53 Posts: 292 Forumite
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    Fire_Fox wrote: »
    The orange is bodyfat :( .... I was kindly told that before the first time I had to pressure-wash the communal showers in a gym I used to work at. Gents showers were always far more rank than the ladies showers so definitely blame your DH.

    If I can get rid of my bodyfat in the shower it would be great:j - I'd probably have to stay in for a hundred years tho' :(
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  • EssexGirl wrote: »
    Thanls for reminding me that I still have to de-scale the bathroom tiles... :mad: lol

    Sounds like the perfect solution for my kitchen grouting though. But one question, is it safe to mix bleach and bicarb? I was always taught never to mix bleach with anything as it releases potentially dangerous fumes.

    That's an excellent point EssexGirl. One should NEVER mix bleach with anything as it can react to liberate chlorine gas or more frequently chlorinated gases. This is particularly true if you mix it with anything which may contain ammonia or amide groups. Chlorine gas was used to "gas" the trenches in WW1..........

    The reason mixing with bicarbonate of soda is effective is that (in very simplistic terms!) there's more chlorine in solution in the water at a lower pH. The bicarb is very alkaline, lowering the pH and thereby moving the equilibrium in favour of "free" chlorine.

    Personally, I'd never do it, but, obviously some posters have tried it and not suffered by it.

    Steam is better all round, in my view. A steamer unit can be very cheap and last a lifetime, cleaning everything from your tiles to the oven.
  • dane-katie wrote: »
    Where does the body fat come from when your in the shower!!!

    Heh heh, bodyfat as in sebum. The natural oils the skin produces to protect itself. The stuff that makes your nose shiney under your powder by lunchtime!!
  • Bronnie
    Bronnie Posts: 4,165 Forumite
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    edited 23 April 2010 at 12:14AM
    I think the pinky orange stuff in the shower and on tiles/grout is a bacterial growth
  • Cillit bang power grime and lime works for me
  • mmmm, have read this with interest! Just adding my tuppence-worth in.....The spongey pan scrubbers really work for getting all sorts off tiles (especially the grout film when re-tiling) BUT only use the 'non-stick' ones (i.e. the white scrubbers). I found the green ones stained my new grout :( Tho may not be a problem with old grout...

    An amazing product for making grout look good as new is Unibond grout reviver. Not really a money saving tip as it is a bit pricey at £6ish a bottle:eek:, but really quick to use and no elbow grease involved! Has a sponge end which you wipe over the grout lines, leave 20 mins, then buff off. Ideal if doing a quick re-dec before moving out :) HTH
  • Hi there,

    I tried some products from HG Hagesan which were extremely good and cleaned my bathroom really well. Again its not really a money saving tip but they are very good!

    I got them from a company called Homecare Essentials - - I do hope that helps :)
  • RachelD
    RachelD Posts: 217 Forumite
    Queenie wrote: »
    Gingham, I once had the bright spark idea of rubbing a mark off my kitchen window with the scouring side of a kitchen sponge ... :o ... it scratched the glass :laugh: Some of those sponge scourers are mighty rough in action. It was a standing joke with my dk's for a long time. Cure? Had double glazing put in ;) :rotfl:

    My daughter once once put a polystyrene container on the ceramic hob, which left a sticky black residue, no cleaner came near touching. The remark about windows above reminded me of this. You can buy a tool with an angled razor blade and handle- mostly used for getting paint of glass. Well it get s burnt stuff off the ceramic hob too. No scratches.
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  • For tiles that have a build up of limescale, use a paint scraper with a blade which takes the majority of the limescale build up off and is quick and easy to do. Then use the thick version of limelite to coat the tiles and rub firmly with a non-stick pan scourer. I use a 'for purpose' pair of exfoliating gloves after I've finished having a shower as the job is always messy and I can shower myself down again when I'm finished. It's a particularly good way of cleaning the shower glass as well. Of course, it also de-scales my hands and feet, but is a lot less messy than doing it dressed and it can be done in a matter of minutes so no lasting damage to your skin.

    To whiten tile grout or remove 'stains', make up an equal solution of thick bleach watered down and put in and empty spray bottle and spray grout. Let the bleach dry on the grout and then buff the tiles up afterwards - always protect carpet, flooring and clothes - or clean naked again!
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