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"Bank charges reclaimers are still no closer to knowing the latest result in the landmark test case to determine the fairness of overlimit fees ..."



  • I just hope that if this gets sorted, the banks are forced to pay interest on any refunds, that way they'll pay the price for their delaying tactics. It's despicable.
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    I am getting sick and tired of the word "DELAY" and your comment is so frustrating to see in print.
    You do understand that this is a court case? You do understand that there is tons of evidence which I am sure MSE Wendy would have told you the reams and reams of evidence?
    You do realise that banks can charge because we still do not know if the bank charges can be assessed legally for fairness?
    You post is soooooo frustrating because every day i am trying and trying and trying to get into people's heads that this is a legal process with loads of evidence and that the OFT CAN apply, if the charges are legally assessable, for an injunction against the charging terms that they believe are unfair.
    The deadlines given are based on guesswork, ie July(because that was the recess of the House of Lords). October(because that was the start of the new session of the Supreme Court), and November comes from the fact that one of the Law Lords offices have confirmed that one judge is writing up his judgement with an indication of November 19th as a possible date for handing down that judgement.
    I get frustrated that as campaigners we are failing to give a fair account of what is actually going on and descend into this farcical language or delaying tactic, delay delay delay, and yet we fail to communicate the process properly which leads to this utter drivel of a view.
    I'm sorry, but I have been battling this viewpoint for months and then you make this sweeping statement and I feel again that just as you start to get people to see the wood from the trees that we are back down in the earth. I'm sorry but I cannot believe the article was posted. I nearly posted something up yesterday about this issue but thought, no, I can deal with the posters on a one to one basis on the forum. I give up answering questions on the OFT Test case and the supreme court decision because the article has just enraged rather than engaged me.
    I have not worked for NatWest Bank since February 2009

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    The words snatch and sand spring to mind... Not necessarily in that order.
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    I agree with your comments regarding the necessity for due process to take place. Of course the full evidence needs to be looked at in details. I am sure the majority appreciate this needs to be done.

    I must say however that it seems from a customers point of view the process is biased in that banks can continue charging even though there is a block on cases going through courts. I think as they are having this test case then all charges should be stopped for the time being and dependent on which side won then they could claim any charges owed, either banks or customers.

    Hope you understand.
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    The quote in the MSE news article from a Supreme Court spokesman that "We don't know when the judgment is going to be handed down" is only partially correct as the official Press Officer for the Supreme Court is on record as telling a BBC journalist earlier this week that although no date for the judgment has been scheduled, it will definitely be made before the current legal term ends on 17 December.
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    Don't worry blind-as-a-bat you're not the only one thinking the same. It's another one of those invasion of iraq situations. Everyone kind of knows what's going on but nobody does anything to stop it happening that way!!!!
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    The current climate and the state of the banks, did it ever occur to anyone why this keeps getting put off?:confused:

    Maybe it’s got nothing to do with reams of evidence, or due process, more the government know what will happen if the public win, and the banks have to pay out.

    Could this be where the reported ‘trillions’ is going, to prepare for it?:confused:

    Nothing is getting ''put off'' as the court never made any commitment to put off in the first place.
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    I agree. Doesn't make sense.
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    Sorry, your post makes no sense in the context of mine:confused:

    Your point is what?

    To put off means to postpone something pre-arranged, an appointment or a deadline ''I put off going to the game on saturday'' And as you put it, it ''keeps getting put off''.

    But court have made no utterance as to when they expect to hand down judgment and as such they are 'putting off' nothing. We are simply still waiting for the judgment. There is no set timetable for any court to hand down any judgment.

    All we ever had to go on was the words of Lord Phillips at the conclusion of the hearing:

    ''The Committee is grateful to counsel for their submissions and, subject to the possibility of a reference to Europe, will report their opinions to the House in due course.''
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    Reams and reams of unnecessary evidence when the case is clear and uncomplicated. An efficient legal system would have ruled definitively on this months ago. An effective consumer watchdog would have stamped on the banks misbehaviour, not allowed it to drift into this ludicrous unending limbo. An honest banking system would have admitted it's malicious greed and paid back the money with a sincere apology.

    Still, mustn't grumble...
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