O2 Mobile Broadband ****WARNING***

About a year ago I purchased mobile broadband for my son to use at University, on their 3 Giga Byte / £17 a month tariff. Recently received a bill from O2 for £2,600 as my son had gone 15 Giga Byte over his limit. At no time did 02 send any text messages or e-mail warning that my son had gone over his limit. Also apparently they are unable to cap their services. On reading the small print O2 charge 19.1p per Mega Byte if you go over your limit...what you have to remember that there are 1,000 mega byte in 1 Giga Byte, so that works out to about £200 per Giga Byte, which is an extraordinary charge. The O2 web site is misleading as they should really these charges in Giga Bytes not Mega Bytes, they don’t charge in Mega Bytes !!!
To be fair to o2 they have agreed to waive the £2,600 but be warned some providers may not be so lenient


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