MSE News: Mass refunds for thousands of GMAC mortgage customers



  • Davey_A
    Davey_A Posts: 6 Forumite
    I was a GMAC customer, who was hit with early repayment charges and late / default payment charges. I never received a letter or cheque from GMAC. Should I contact GMAC direct ?

    batley1 wrote: »
    I used to be with GMAC, but they sold my mortgage to someone else(without my knowledge) and after the speaking to them today Ive found out a few things I thought I would share:

    1. Anyone who has or had a mortgage account with GMAC will receive a letter informing them of their entitlement to a refund at the latest by the 30th November.

    2. If you are entitled to a refund you will then receive a cheque within 30 days of receiving your letter.

    3. If you have moved address since having your mortgage with GMAC, you need to ring them and update the details, or everything will be sent to the address on their details.

    In theory, the money could be here before christmas, so could be a nice bonus. As someone who went through some hard times with my mortgage, when the interest rates were at the highest, this is very welcome and I will try to keep you updated.
  • Peelerfart
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    Davey_A wrote: »
    I was a GMAC customer, who was hit with early repayment charges and late / default payment charges. I never received a letter or cheque from GMAC. Should I contact GMAC direct ?

    Yeah why not - nothing to lose !
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  • flissty
    I had a 200,000 morg with GMAC When I could no longer afford to pay it, in Dec they went straight to court proceedings without liasing with me in any way.I was due to appear in court in March, only because a friend lent me 3000 the day before were we able to pay the outstanding. I had to sell it and asap and was charged £12,130 early redemption fee for paying it off 2 months before the two years were up. Can I get this back?
    The amount of stress caused is unmeasurable and I am still suffering extreme financial hardship.
  • takethatfan1978
    I have had various loans in the past and also a mortgage with rfc that changed to gmac a good few years ago. We have moved a few times since and I have been totally oblivious to all the gmac business.

    My mortgage was taken out in 1999 and settled in 2002,if I can remember that far back we were charged for a few things as we were struggling,we also settled the loan early and had to pay a fee.

    I don't have any info at all about the mortgage and am assuming with the time frame I would not be able to claim anything? Would anyone have any advice please?
  • moofo
    moofo Posts: 62 Forumite
    Just called them and sending me a cheque for a measly £91.00

    Pretty sure it should be a lot more!
    But for a 5 minute phone call I guess its a start.
    Im going to SAR request them for further investigation.

    They are going by this name now Paratus AMC and here is their contact details.
    New to comping March 2008 wins so far:
    Sweet Nothing.:o
  • sally26_2
    Hi I have just called them, they said they had been looking for me since 2009 when I moved from my old address, anyway they said they are sending me a cheque for 76 quid, thought it would be more but I will send an SAR request anyway
  • DeeJayGee
    I'm a bit late to the party here. I had a GMAC mortgage which I paid off six years ago and then moved house. I was unaware of the claim situation until I just read this thread. I'm also interested in GMAC and the possibility of a PPI claim, but I can't find any contact details for them. Can anyone help?
  • tea-tart-and-rice_3
    same here, found this thread by accident.

    We redeemed early a wretched (worse thing we ever did) GMAC mortgage in November 2007 - thieving wotsits had virtually all that was left from sale because of various charges. They were unhelpful beyond belief with our arrears situation taking possession proceedings. Thankfully by the skin of our teeth we completed the week before first hearing. 7 years on wave conceded now we will never get back on the housing ladder. I was with a nice sensible HSBC capital repayment mortgage which was going down nicely before I got bamboozled into borrowing more than we could afford with "nice old GMAC". Grrr. Worst thing ever!

    I have no previous papers, I have a number 0800 030 4662 from an online search. Will try them Monday. Nowt to lose.
  • Thrugelmir
    Thrugelmir Posts: 89,546 Forumite
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    same here, found this thread by accident.

    Late to the party. A very old thread.
  • tea-tart-and-rice_3
    How is that helpful?
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