November 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • spent £33.20 today but its stuff needed for next week and meat for evening meals.
    need to get some flowers tomorrow as its 2 years since dad passed away on monday so my budget is not finished yet for month.

    at mo i am over budget anyway but it might help me next month

    oh and managed to get 18 whoopsie rolls for 55p, have kept 4 out for monday but wondering if i will remember to get the rest out in time or forget lol.
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    hi all, declaring for november £383.17 .over spend of £33.17 whoops .
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    I would like to declare for this month £180.28 I am £94.72 under budget! I changed this month from shopping at tesco to asda and also doing a bit of a storecupboard challenge.
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    I would like to declare for this month £180.28 I am £94.72 under budget!

    what a great result! :T

    and if you're over budget this month, dont be too disappointed - its the most expensive time in the year, and you've probably been buying extras for christmas :)

    See you all on the new thread! bellringers.gif
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    We have gone waaaaay over in our first month but I have learnt so much. Will declare later on (not totted up the damage yet :) )
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    Just posting my total for Nov which has merged with Dec so my overspend goes straight on to Dec total.I hope that makes sense it doesn't sound right.Off to the Dec thread now.
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    did not too bad this month, although I def need to record ALL spending (hubby works at lidl and forgets to give he totals!!)

    this month, i have also cut down on my stocking up and big weekly/fortnightly shops, and have been doing much smaller, local shops as and when I need things.

    £175 recorded in spending diary (rounded up)
    £50 - lidl spends (guesstimate)
    £20 - local spend not recorded

    TOTAL £245(ish):money: so technically (but unoffocially due to poor recording!) £55 underbudget!

    Have bought no toiletries,cleaning, loo paper in nov, and may not need much in december. Will need more kids food as they'll be home during holidays - whoopee!!
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    Hi all will declare at November as £1736.

    Hopefully won't be too far out once December is finished.

    Then will start afresh next year.
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  • I think I shall declare this month now, as I won't need to get anything in before the order comes on Tuesday... so declaring £418.84 - £18.84 over :o

    I haven't been posting much on the thread, but have been keeping up with the reading! I have discovered three things this month while doing this challenge... 1) I spend too much money on food (duh! really?!) 2) I'm still seduced by offers and buy stuff that we don't really want/need, and 3) I'm not organised at all!!! I have a freezer full of stuff, yet still managed to blow my budget this month! We sin every week and throw stuff away thats half used/OOD :o

    So I have done an inventory of the cupboards and the freezer (5 packs of mince and 8 tins of soup anyone!? :o ) and done a meal plan for the week. First time in a long time I've done that!:eek:
    I've got enough cleaning products to last about 6 months, including two bottles of Stardrops (about a year's supply to an OSer!!) and a micro-fibre cloth that I didn't know I had (not sure what to do with it, must do a search)

    I think I might just have had an LBM of the Old Style MS kind :D

    Off to find the Dec thread now!

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    Hi all

    Just to update that I have spent £5.97 today - not bad for a Sunday although I forgot to buy any fruit! We all graze on fruit a lot here!

    On about my 6th revision of my Tuesday Tesco delivery - I've never spent so much time on a shop!
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