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OMG! Huge Spot :-(



  • Mumsie
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    Tea Tree Oil as mentioned before. I suggest you don't use it too liberally for the first time on the eve of an important interview! However, it does dry up spots overnight but it can be an extremely potent substance to sensitive skin. Use with care. Good Luck with the interview,
    Charles J
  • :eek: Go on.. ask for anusol instead:rotfl:
    Buy them in tesco they're on the shelf and you don't have to ask for them!!
    Mr HQ told me I could use his ..... wouldn't have minded but it was already open and not for spots either _pale_
  • Sorry - forgot to add my congratulations!!
  • I also have an interview coming up, thankfully I won't need the pile cream at either end. I hope.
    Hope you were successful
    Nelly the frog
  • Jay-Jay_4
    Jay-Jay_4 Posts: 7,351 Forumite
    I also have an interview coming up, thankfully I won't need the pile cream at either end. I hope.
    Hope you were successful
    Nelly the frog

    Hello Nelly the frog :wave:

    Welcome to MSE. Good luck with your interview :beer:
    Just run, run and keep on running!

  • tine wrote:
    oh grand now I have to find a way of avoiding total embaressment when I too go and ask for preparation H *sigh* :)

    You could always buy it online... :)

    By the way which one is it the Preparation H gel or the ointment as they have different ingredients?

    Did find this news item though warning you not to use hemorrhoid cream on your face:
    "The happiest of people don't necessarily have the
    best of everything; they just make the best
    of everything that comes along their way."
    -- Author Unknown --
  • congratulations, im about to go and try the a few of the remedies as a have a stupidly painful one popping up in the crease by the side of my nose, OUCH!!!
  • Nicki
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    Kazonline wrote:
    Garlic is excellent - both eaten and put on a spot (but chew parsley after to rid the smell) I know lush do an excellent face mask that contains garlic (in the 'chiller' part in store. Whether you can stomach sitting there with it on your face is another thing. I've often rubbed a raw clove over it and it seems to help - and vitamin c (I use a skin boost serum, not very OSE I know) seems to help speed up the healing process.
    Hope it goes well for you at the interview - and don't worry, I'm sure they won't be worried about a spot. Besides, bridge of the nose isn't so bad - it could've been on the tip!
    Kaz x

    Garlic, and other veg in the same family, can cause nasty burns if applied to sensitive skin, particularly if the skin is broken or inflamed already. I wouldn't recommend using it topically for this reason. Toothpaste or TCP always work for me.
  • Its good for threadveins too - so I've been told! :o

    Well done on the interview :beer:
    No more bank charges!
    :D Official DFW Nerd Club Member 205! :D
    :rotfl: Wiv Anorak 'n hood up:rotfl:
  • am sat here with a puckered up face from the MoM hoping my bf doesnt laff too much when he gets in from work
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