OMG! Huge Spot :-(

It's typical, I've been out of work for nearly a month now and just got asked to attend an interview for a really good job tomorrow. But as usual, the universe seems to be plotting against me cos I got up this morning, looked in the mirror and there's a huge, inflammed spot right on the bridge of my nose! :eek:

Does anyone know of any home-made/OS spot remedies, that will shrink it by tomorrow afternoon? Or will I have to wear a bag over my head/motorbike helmet like in that cold-sore advert :huh:


  • Midmac
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    Toothpaste ;)
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  • Tea tree oil.
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  • nicola1982_2
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    Ice cubes reduce the swelling
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  • Rachie_B
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    toothpaste is good for drying out a spot and tea tree seems to help with very red spots

    if i have a spot with a dry area round it then i use good ole savlon or sudocrem
  • Kazonline
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    Garlic is excellent - both eaten and put on a spot (but chew parsley after to rid the smell) I know lush do an excellent face mask that contains garlic (in the 'chiller' part in store. Whether you can stomach sitting there with it on your face is another thing. I've often rubbed a raw clove over it and it seems to help - and vitamin c (I use a skin boost serum, not very OSE I know) seems to help speed up the healing process.
    Hope it goes well for you at the interview - and don't worry, I'm sure they won't be worried about a spot. Besides, bridge of the nose isn't so bad - it could've been on the tip!
    Kaz x
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  • Jay-Jay_4
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    Pile cream!

    seriously :D

    :exclamati.....and don't mess with it
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  • caffeinehit
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    Rimmel stick concealer. Wonderful stuff.
  • FTB83
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    I find that dabbing a cotton bud in disinfectant and then on to the spot and followed by small blob of savlon all just before you go to bed works a treat.

    Best of luck for the interview!
  • tina68
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    Jay-Jay wrote:
    Pile cream!

    seriously :D

    :exclamati.....and don't mess with it

    lol What gave you the idea to put pile cream on your spot:rotfl: :rotfl:
    I know models use it on the wrinkles round the eyes but thats a new one on me
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  • louB_5
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    I tend to use toothpaste at night and in the morning its dried up and easier to conceal.

    Good Luck! :D
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