Money Moral Dilemma. Would you hand in a camera you found on a beach?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:

You find a £100 camera on the beach during your foreign holiday. There’s no one around, and you sunbathe for two hours, waiting for the owner to return. At home you always hand valuable items to the police, but here you don't speak the lingo, know where the station is or even how these things work. Would you still make the effort to hand it in?

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  • I'd certainly make the effort. I'd hand it in at my hotel (where presumably they would speak English); if they couldn't understand me I'd just keep approaching people until I found someone who spoke English and could tell me what to do; if I couldn't find such a person I'd get onto the internet and use BabelFish or a similar translation site, which tells me that "I have found this camera. How can I return it to its owner?" is "Ho trovato questa macchina fotografica. Come posso restituirlo al relativo proprietario?" Of course they would have to write the reply down so I could translate it back!

    If I lost my £100 camera I'd certainly hope someone would make a similar effort. I think it would be quite good fun giving it a go - it's always entertaining trying to communicate in a language you don't really know (especially for the locals!).
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    No moral dilemma for me either, I'd definetely make an effort to hand it in, after all, I would like someone to do the same for me, so I'd do the same for them.
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    I'm another one who'd try to hand it in - either take it to the hotel/ask around to see who spoke English, or grab my phrase book and see how far that got me. I think I'd just feel too guilty to keep it.
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    id hand it in because id wish somone would hand mine in if i lost it also if you kept it you dont know what kind of pics are on there and they could get you in to trouble
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    Yes I would make an effort to hand the camera in, after having some fun taking some weird and wacky shots.
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    £100 is nothing compared to the sentimental value of someone's pictures.

    Hand it in is the only option. Who couldn't find a police station in a strange country in less than an hour?
  • Of course I would hand it in. I'd take it to a police station or if it was private bech to the associated hotel etc. I'd want someone to do the same for me.
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    I'd look at some of the photos and see if there was a familiar face on the beach :D

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  • as others have said, I would take the camera back to my hotel and explain the situation to get some local advice. having lost a camera on holiday once i know how much it sucks!
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  • I most certainly would. Either ask at the Hotel,or go to the local police station, a camera is or can be quite sentimental.
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