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Are there any deals for Sky which just involve + and not HD?

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pinkie_piepinkie_pie Forumite
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Or should I just get an HD box?

I have the worlds oldest chunkiest tv, but I am aware that at some point I will need to scrimp and get something more modern (particularly as it's stopping working some of the time).

I've had enough of BT and was planning on switching to Sky (the package I wanted was cheaper anyways) but the cashback offer on Quidco is just for sky+ HD.

What to do?


  • M4RKMM4RKM Forumite
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    Isn't the sky+ and sky+hd price the same these days?

    The only downfall of getting a HD box, when you don't have a HD tv, is that extra £10 per month subscription you have to pay.

    afaik, to get the "deal" you have to take this, and it will be useless to you, so double check the terms, and see how long you have to keep that for, before you can cancel it.. I think nowadays, the HD sub is for a minimum of 12 months, but I could be wrong.

  • I'm wondering if it's worth it, as I know with sky their existing customer offers are rubbish, so I don't run the risk of being charged something extortionate if I wanted to upgrade to HD at a later point?
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