October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    thanks for getting ready for next month, this month actually got increased by £15 as i had a little extra available to us.

    i'll add it all up and declare later in the week.

    for November i will go for £50 please helen

    thank you

    ioiwe :)
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  • Can I join please? Not done this before but will go for £300November and see how we get on with that!
    November Grocery Challenge = £300/????
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    Just updated signature to reflect spends since last update (22nd)

    I've spent a grand total of £4.22, but everything purchased was a Whoopsie (or store clearance) - so I netted goods worth exactly £17. I've also managed 3 NSDs (though not consecutively)

    I've also cooked the lamb bones I bought last week and made 9 portions of Scotch Broth, as well as the two 99p chickens DD got for me on Friday which have been turned into meat for 5 meals for 2 (2 roast chicken meals, and 3 bags of 'bits' for Rissotto) as well as providing 5 tubs of stock......

    Deviated from the meal plan for the first time in a couple of months.....

    Got some tear and share cheese bread on Sunday, and a dozen organic free range eggs yesterday, so instead of Enchilladas we had cheese, ham and mushroom omelette with the bread. DS has opted for the Enchilladas tomorrow instead of the planned meal, so that means I'll end the month with a portion of curry and a large naan bread (his) plus a plaice fillet (mine) still in the freezers that should have been eaten tomorrow.

    I think I'm going to have to revist my meal plan though, as I need to make sure the next few weeks use as many things from the freezers as possible. DS finished off the ice-cream over a week ago, and is now nagging daily that I've not replaced it - but I just don't have the space :eek:

    4 days left until I declare my monthly spend, but looking pretty easy going as I've still got £18.96 left :D
    Grocery Budget : January £124. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirreled away = £34.47
    Grocery Budget : 2022 £1560. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirrelled away = £34.47
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    Just done the sums for next month - can I please be put down with a budget of £96.20 for November

    Grocery Budget : January £124. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirreled away = £34.47
    Grocery Budget : 2022 £1560. Spent £21.53 in shops + £8.84 from stocks + £4.10 discounts squirrelled away = £34.47
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    Right, I'm going to try this for the first time for November...I have no idea what we spend each month but I'll try for £150 (that's for 2 adults and 2 cats - baby not included yet as breastfeeding.) I'm doing this just for food/drink not other bits and pieces like nappies, toiletries, household stuff. When I get the hang of it I hope to be able to include them :D

    I'm excited, but a little anxious as I'm not sure how we'll do! I've just informed my OH what we're going to be doing - see how well he sticks to it! :rotfl:

    Can't wait to see how we all do, and get lots of hints and tips. ;)
  • At £340.08 for October I am £100 over target but I was probably asking for too much too soon. I'll have to look at what I sepnt and see where I went astray before setting a figure for November.
    NSD 0/15
  • I've really enjoyed doing the gc this month - I've started meal planning properly, using up storecupboard/freezer ingredients, done at least one less big shop than I would normally have done and thrown away much less food. So thanks everyone for all your encouragement! :T

    Still doing well this week, I have approx £2 in my account until payday Friday :eek: so I'm stretching everything out as far as I can until then. Had to get some carrots+potatoes Monday but that'll go on Nov budget as already declared, but thats all so far this week. Got mum coming for lunch so have some carrot+coriander soup bubbling away on the stove ready for lunchtime. Have lots of eggs left plus some bacon+half a leek so will prob make a quiche for dinner tonight.
    Sept GC lost track/£160 :(

    Oct GC /£160
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    Hi all.

    I'm declaring at £148.35 for October, really pleased as have had a difficult month at work and very little time to cook. But thanks to all the batch cooks etc I have managed to whip something up and haven't resorted to takaways.

    I am not posting a target for November as tomorrow OH and I head for Southampton to join our cruise.:j We fly back from Barbados on Saturday 14th Nov so I will post a half month target when I get back - I have no idea how much DS will have left when I get back and might need to go and restock everywhere:eek:
    Anyway good luck to everyone in November - Oh and I will be being very unfrugal for a couple of weeks whilst we celebrate our 30th aniversary and then we will be back with you in the run up to Christmas.
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    After a totally disasterous month I need to declare £482.25 for this and can I set a new target of £417.75 for november which should have been £500 but I need to take into account last months overspend.

    April GC 9th-7th may £0/£320
  • I'm going back up to £300 for November. I've given in to the fact that life is a little too hectic (3 jobs) to try and change things too much at the moment and will wait until after Xmas.
    NSD 0/15
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