MSE News: Now Vodafone reveals it will sell the iPhone

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"Vodafone has today announced it will join Orange in selling Apple's iPhone handsets. The network intends to offer the smartphone "in early 2010" ..."


PS. This thread discussion had already started before the news story was published. We’ve inserted this post so all discussions are in one place. Thanks to mchale for the original post.


  • mchale
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    ANURADHA KOIRALA ??? go on throw it in google.
  • INT1
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    Good. along with Orange it may bring the market down as o2 won't be able to monoplise the iTariff as much!
  • Its all good for improving our fares.... im on orange and will consider an iphone if i dont have to pay through the nose for it..
  • sporedude
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    Best thing Apple can do is keep it as far away from Three as possible *shudder*
  • prowla
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    The iPhone is just too big though - here's hoping for an iPhone mini.
  • I'm assuming the "price" alluded to will be with a contract (18/24/60(!?) months) of some sort, and won't affect the price of an unblocked phone?
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  • pixwix
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    Competition may bring lower prices and tariffs.

    But you know what REALLY saves money? Considering very hard whether or not we need such devices at all - or at least the more expensive ones.

    I'm sure that for many people the iPhone is a godsend. But -among the hype and the peer pressure - how many of the 1000s of purchasers REALLY need one? Damn few I suspect.

    Get a grip people. I'm not saying you shouldn't buy an iPhone - it's a free country. But this website is all about saving money. The savings on not buying an iPhone at all are substantial.
  • But who "needs" pretty much most stuff posted about across these forums? Beyond housing, food, heat and basic clothing I mean? Nobody "needs" TVs, MP3 players, games consoles, fancy cars, lots of toys, endless kitchen gadgets and so on but there's always plenty of threads on getting them for the best price. I though that was what this forum was about - getting what you *want* for the best price possible.
  • PS Wooohooo! ;)
  • Fork86
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    Hopefully 02 will soon learn that their business practices over the past couple of years will have cost them valued customers, who now have the choice not to be stuck this arrogant company if they want an Iphone.
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