Starting out my journey !!! Altho its a small start

Right ive posted here before and never kept up with it for financial reasons and getting my emergency pot up to scratch.

I can not afford to contribute hundreds to my mortgage each week but even if i do put a small amount towards my mortgage it makes me feel good.

Some weeks i can only contribute £5 but hey it better than nowt. When we first took out our mortgage we were told for evey £1 we borrowed we would pay £2.50 back so the way im looking at it is for every £5.00 i pay im saving £7.50.

I am in negative equity seen as the houses prices as dropped and the fixed rate i am on now at 6.94% ends in june. So i am trying to throw what i can at the mortgage because as it stands i have no chance at getting a good deal.

I dont think i will be able to get a good deal anyway but here to trying.

Wish me luck guys i will post once a week no matter how small the payment is. This will ensure i at least pay something.

Any tips will be great im already with cashback sites surveys etc...

Thks guys i can feel the encouragement already


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