Great "How much to tip overseas?" Hunt



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    jenniferpa wrote:
    If you're a large party (generally 8 or more) you may well be charged a flat service charge, so check. Also it is customary to tip in bars, even if when sitting at the counter (although not not 15%).

    I agree, The Brits have got a bad name in Florida for not tipping. The yanks get taxed on it regardless of whether you tip or not! They also, like some in our country, (ie waiters rely on it to make up very poor wages). If the service is good we normally leave between 15-20%, 10% in bars, but we do check in case service is included. Its mostly quite inexpensive anyway so whats the problem with leaving a tip? Of course if the service is crap they dont get a tip - but we tell them why - we dont just slink off.... If you can afford to go long haul, you can afford to tip. :A
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    Country: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark
    Tips amount (and what should you tip for): None!
    Other Info: Tipping is not expected, even for taxi drivers or hairdressers. In restaurants, you could tip if the service has been outstanding, but no-one will bat an eyelid if you don't.
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    no tipping! ever!

    though, a short bow is more than enough to acknowledge good service.

    seriously, if a country was ever renowned for it's service, it's got to be Japan.

    Watching the ground crew when we boarded the return flight from Tokyo Narita airport, they even bowed to the plane as it taxied out of the gate :cool:
  • I'm told that a tip is not expected if you have a set menu in France but if you eat a la carte 10-15% is reasonable. Leave your small change in cafes/bars - but often it won't even be returned to you!
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    Just love the Greeks - almost everywhere you become a 'regular' the second time you go into a place. It is real friendly service as well, not the "half my wage is tips" kind of service, so normally 15% ish plus a bit to cover some of the freebies - crisps, peanuts, starters, grapes, wine, Raki (evil-evil stuff..) etc.

    Biggest percentage tip was a Chinese in Benidorm - starter, main and a beer was e3 so paid e5 (just over £3 at the time) still not sure how they managed to make a profit.
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    Re tipping in the USA.

    My DH (an american) is a proponent of tipping a ludicrously small amount when you want to make a point about poor service. His rationale is that then they know you haven't forgotten. It makes me crazy, but I sometimes let him get away with it (it's good to let him feel he has some control LOL). I personally prefer to point out why they're not geting a tip.

    I would also put in a plea here for waitstaff (is that a word?). If the service has been good, but the food bad, I ALWAYS take it up with whoever is in charge. I have been known to refuse to pay a bill for bad food, but still left an appropriately sized tip.
  • Italy:
    This can very much vary on where you go. In Rome, any restaurant with a view of a fountain will 'probably' attempt to serve food of the minimum quality whilst adding a cover charge (for cleaning the tablecloths!?) and still expect a 'tip'.

    Occasionally, should you 'forget' to leave the customary 10% - 15%, then the waiter will gently remind you with a whisper that "service is not included".

    Further away from the tourist hotspots however, 'tips' are certainly not expected and when given can result in either bewilderment or genuine gratitude.

    A point to keep in mind though, is that Italians NEVER 'tip'. So do you want to look like a tourist or a local? :)

    Note: Always examine the menu carefully, service is occasionally included in the price and this will be stated in very, very 'small print' somewhere. Should you miss it however, don't expect the waiter to refuse your 'additional' offering!

    In the theme of 'moneysaving', generally the best value is to go for the Tourist Specials that are displayed everywhere. As these are the 'hook' used to entice you in, they represent good value for money.

    For even better savings, walk one street back from the fountains for better food and a more appreciative service together with a saving of upto 30%.
  • New Zealand
    You get looked at a bit strange by most people in NZ if you want to tip, but most think if you want to give away your money, it may as well be to them. Tipping should only be reserved for excellent and friendly service and is seen as a reward, not an expectation. Tipping is generally more accepted in Auckland and Wellington (due to foreign influences), urban rather than rural and in the North Island rather than the South.
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    Wonderful service everywhere and NO tipping !

    As previous user implied about experience at Reun Thai in Pattaya (i Know it well ! ) this is not un-common in well run restaurants in Thailand but in general the "farangs" ..foreign visitors, tip much too much and no more than 10% is expected. The Thai people do not tip very much. But as the meals are so cheap 10% of 1000 baht meal for many people, is not a great deal (100 baht = £1.42 ! )
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    Most chinese don't understand the concept of tipping, though some places are starting to take on more western values in the big cities.

    I left a tip after a delicious meal. As I was walking down the street I was chased by one of the waitresses. She handed me my money that I had "forgotten" to take.

    On other occasions I was looked at like I was a lunatic when I tried to give a tip. Eventually, I got used to the strange concept that it wasn't necessary to tip for good service.
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