Great "How much to tip overseas?" Hunt



  • derx
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    I live in Madeira, and as its a very touristy place, tipping is an important part of a low wage economy.

    However, many bars will charge a lot more for tourists anyway than for locals (up to double for drinks). Please don't tip these places as it just encourages the big tourist rip-off (which also affects me as a foreigner living here).

    Best thing is to look at first is the price you have been charged for your meal / drinks and if it was what you expected or is reasonable then by all means tip if the service was good. Otherwise don't.

    Same goes for taxis.
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  • Sheel
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    richardw wrote:
    It is all included

    Just been to Oz for the first time and before we went we looked in our travel guide (Eyewitness) to see whether we should tip or not and although it says tipping is optional , it does say that 10% of the final bill for good service in a restaurant is customary , as is a couple of dollars for taxi drivers , hotel porters and bar tenders.

    So for the first half of the holiday we tipped everywhere , although we noticed we seemed to be just about the only ones doing it and the coach driver seemed very surprised to get a tip :rolleyes: Then we got talking to an Aussie couple who put us straight , so after that we more or less stopped although the oh insisted on tipping in certain places.

    We always tip 10-20% in the USA , 25% seems excessive imo :undecided
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  • As an American let me apologise for the crazy tipping we have in the US. The minimum wage does not apply to waitstaff (since tips are often cash & impossible to tax, the government gets them another way) so they are often paid considerably less ($2 - $3 an hour is not uncommon) as the assumption is that tips will supplement adequately.
    The good thing is that tips ARE in fact voluntary. Doubling the tax is the norm, as mentioned previously. I have been known to tip enormous amounts when I have exceptional service. Some of my favo(u)rite restaurants that know me I will happily tip 30% - 40%, but thats just me!! Don't do it too.
    When you receive bad service, leave one penny. That is the universal sign meaning "I am so unhappy with the service here". If you leave nothing, it can be assumed you forgot & they will never learn.
    Escalating to management is not uncommon. I know it's not always the done thing here (although my husband is now used to me doing it) but in the States it is very acceptable to complain to someone's manager. If you are unhappy legitimately, please tell the management or else the service may never improve and everyone suffers. Sometimes, you will be given restitution (ranging from a free starter, drinks, or the whole meal if its really bad, this is not uncommon)
    By the way, does anyone know the tipping standard in Belgium? OH & I are going there next week for our 2nd Wedding anniversary.
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  • Sheel
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    By the way, does anyone know the tipping standard in Belgium? OH & I are going there next week for our 2nd Wedding anniversary.

    I feel embarassed that I had to look this up as my Mum was Belgian and i've been there not that long ago on holiday , so you'd think i'd know :o

    Anyhow , found THIS

    Happy Anniversary for next week :beer:
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  • Pukeko
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    jasoneboyd wrote:
    New Zealand
    You get looked at a bit strange by most people in NZ if you want to tip, but most think if you want to give away your money, it may as well be to them. Tipping should only be reserved for excellent and friendly service and is seen as a reward, not an expectation. Tipping is generally more accepted in Auckland and Wellington (due to foreign influences), urban rather than rural and in the North Island rather than the South.

    I've been to lots of restaurants in various parts of NZ and I've never tipped or been in a party of people who tipped, as Jason says it just isn't expected. I'm sure it wouldn't be unwelcome though if you felt that you had to force your money onto them! :)
    I had never ever heard of tipping hairdressers until I came the UK, and I still can't understand it because I think you pay enough money when you get your hair cut. (Please don't send me angry emails if you are a hairdresser! ;) )
    I've never heard of anyone tipping a bar tender in NZ and I've never heard of anyone being expected to leave a tip for a porter or for hotel housekeeping. Although I can imagine that people probably would get tips portering, and probably taxi drivers do too, but I've never witnessed this phenomenon!

    (I remember seeing a program on the telly a few years ago about London cabbies and they were talking about the worst tippers which they heartily agreed were Kiwis! (if they only knew the shock of the cost of a cab fare in London on a NZer with a badly performing currency rate!! "you want how many hundreds of dollars for this 5 min trip and you want another hundred for a tip???!!"). :D

    Tipping is not part of New Zealand culture.
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    As this is a moneysaving site, can someone make a list of countries where tipping is not required :)

    People can then use that list for cheap holidays. :D
  • gingerjasper
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    Tipping not expected anywhere, which is a good thing really as everything is so expensive to start with!
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    We went to Las Vegas a couple of years ago. On a trip to the Grand Canyon The bus from the hotel to the airport had a tip box.The PILOT(!) had a tip box.We went on a western ranch type of trip.The horse and buggy from the helicopter to the ranch had a tip box. We had lunch.There was a tip box.We had a horse ride.The table you paid at had a tip box This trip cost $300 odd .If we were to tip all these we would have spent another $100 or so!
    I dont think I'll be going back to U.S. I cant afford the tips!
    And no I didnt tip anyone!
  • WestieFan
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    Canary Islands/Spain anyone? (first-timers in July)
  • karenj
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    We live in Spain and we never tip in the local bars/restaurants as we are locals and no other Spanish do anyway... but we often buy the waiters/owners a drink anyway. What we do notice is that in the height of summer or any fiestas that are going on, if anyone new is serving in the bars they try to charge us extra 'tourist prices' and we often don't get tapas, that is, until we grab the owner and tell him and he is often horrified! He knows us well and he then falls over backwards to make amends. That is how it works in our village.
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