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just wondering if they are normally this corrupt?

cheeky gits we have never parked without a ticket, never got a ticket on the car and whats more, the letter they were sent said we have never paid it, how can we when we never got it and that day my husband parked outside the car park gates to go to the cashpoint next to it was about 30 seconds and the man said why dont you park in the car park and he said because I am not 'parking', man walked off end of however he obviously must have written a ticket out and binned it or something grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

no signs outside the car park to say you will be ticketed it is the road for gods sake

anyone ever appealed one of these and had it granted?

the girl on the phone couldnt tell us anything, all they had was our number plate, where is said car make it said other, where it said offence it said other, every details was marked as other. My husband has sent a letter appealing it by recorded delivery to ask for more details and debate it but we so dont need a £50 and I worry they will not open the letter within 14 days and it will go to a debt collecting agency :(

sooo angry!


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    My other half got accused of parking in a Disabled bay and got a ticket from this bunch of Jokers - she was actually parked in a mother and baby bay, I emailed them the details but they dimissed my claim, so I sent the ticket to them telling them what had happend, told them that if they persist I will charge them for my time in sorting it out, I also asked them to provide photographic evidence - funnily enough I have heard nothing since.
  • I'm sure it's been on here before that a company cannot issue any kind of Penalty Notice if they don't have an interest in the land. If it was a public highway the ticket should have no authority whatsoever.

    Agree with smcaul - don't pay it. Ask them to prove that you owe them the money. I bet they can't!
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    I wouldnt pay it either - I would ask them for evidence and if they cant provide it say tough Im not paying it!

    From what you said the parking warden was obviously wanting you to pay about £1 to park and draw money from the cash machine!

    If there are no signs where you parked to say you cant park there then they probably have no chance!
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  • If you don't pay the fine it will go up and cost you a lot more more. You can appeal but if you do then you run that risk of having to pay more, by the sounds of it you have a good case and I'd take the risk if I was you.
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    Have a chat with your local trading standards ;) they sometimes have ways of twisting companies arms... it worked for me in a different situation, but it won't hurt to try :D Good Luck :)
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    If you don't pay the fine it will go up and cost you a lot more more. You can appeal but if you do then you run that risk of having to pay more, by the sounds of it you have a good case and I'd take the risk if I was you.
    Firstly, this isn't a fine. It is a charge made by a private company, not a local authority fine. Secondly, you have the right to appeal without the charge being raised, and this is true of proper "official" parking fines also.
    I currently have one of these companies pestering me for money. Loads of letters to and fro, telephone calls, debt collection agencies and they still dont get the message - "Sod off, I'm not paying you. Take me to court if you want."
    There are a few circumstances where these private parking control companies can be useful but I think they've been too greedy for their own good and turned into parasites. Hence last year's SIA legislation.
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  • If I have to pay something from parking illegally I call it a fine, technically you are correct it's not a fine it's called a penalty. I have previously received one of these parking tickets as I don't recognise NCP or whoever it was that gave it me as an authority either (I won in the end). I know the fine or charge goes up if you don't pay I'm not too sure if they would keep it at the orgininal fine or charge if you lost, I wouldn't count on it although it should be at the original fine or charge. Just me not trusting them whoever gave these people authority to issue tickets needs shooting.
    Anyways look into this website it will give the correct advice and procedure etc. Good luck not that you need it, you should win no one trusts these parking agency's especially when a parking ticket sounds suspect.
    (Hoping it's ok to quote a government website on here for advice)
  • thank you for your replies, we havent heard anything as of yet and my husband asked for photographic evidence in his letter as I know local authority ones have digital cameras these days dont they (they do round here anyway).

    THing is he is a policeman and is law abiding too lol, he had a ticket in london and whilst it was genuine mistake on his behalf and bad out of place signs etc he accepted ok he was most likely wrong and paid it so it isnt as though he is just trying to wiggle out of it, he was never parked there as it was.

    He went to the supermarket and asked and the manager said they have had other similar complaints, that bit apparently the supermarket do own, however the signs are only the other side of the gated area ie the car park which hubby has also said in his letter.

    He is going to go down and take some pictures just in case it goes further but hopefully they will let it go as surely the parking attendent is wrong as he hasnt even marked down the offence etc!

    thanks again
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    Write to the company concerned. Give them a list of reasons why you are not going to pay. Include one called OTHER with a tick against it. Ignore anything else unless it is a court summons.


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