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Claiming mileage

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    Do you mean they tend to stick the trainees with the !!!! shifts which is all well and good but when your married you wanna go home too? I had never thought of that, but now you mention it I can totally see it
    4 children, 2 cars, 2 full time working parents, large detached house and the will to save every money saving penny we can
  • theres just an assumption that all trainees are single and some of the procedures that fit fine for single trainees don't work for married ones.

    so far his training shifts have been pretty fantastic but we are having a major headache with getting our move sorted out as the assumption is trainees don't need decent notice but obviously with a house to pack up schools to arrange etc. we do, whilst that wont apply to you just be wary of being told because that's how its done without occasionally arguing how it should be done!

    hes about to start shifts and they're the same for everyone from what i can understand but vary down to personnel levels. also thinking about it if less than 6 months im assuming his trade training would be classed as involuntary from the accomodation charge point of view, its got to be worth looking into. feel free to pm me, im still on a very steep learning curve but its worth it so far
  • ktuludays wrote: »
    please do and hopefully he will scrap the trade.

    my trade is indispensible. without it the jets would not fly!!

    i know a few coppers and they are nice people, i just don't think their trade is of any worth.

    Fliss M - that is one example of something RAFP have done and it could have been done by the civvy police.

    no i have never been caught speeding on unit, i have no axe to grind with the RAFP.

    You’re taking a rather simplistic view to the whole thing are you not? Just because you have not seen them “do anything of worth” from your panoramic view in the Sqn/Bay T-Bar does not mean that they are without merit. Every Trade in the Royal Air Force is important as they are all cogs in the machine and without any one part then the whole thing would be in danger of coming apart at the seams.

    RAF Police and what do they provide:

    Well apart from the obvious Security Duties, Dog Handling, Lifting Lineys on a Bop Night and Crime Prevention/Detection that you see every day on station you might want to consider the following more specialised areas:
    • Air Transport/Airfield Security (The jets would not fly without it)
    • Computer Security (including keeping the systems/networks secure from attack/viruses that allow you to be paid your generous remuneration)
    • Force Protection when deployed (allowing you to sleep safe in your bed at night)
    • Communications Security
    • Counter Intelligence/Espionage/Terrorism Duties (Helping gain that vital insight that might just keep you alive when deployed)
    • Physical Security and Personnel Security (Helping to detect threats before they get to you)
    • VIP Close Protection
    There will be more but these are just off the top of my head.

    The fact that they could be outsourced is hardly germane to your argument and as ICATQ correctly pointed out to you that most jobs, including those 'vital' ones that without which “The Jets would not fly” could quite easily (and I know a few that have) be outsourced.

    Oh and BTW I have no affiliation to the RAF Police Cadre in any way shape or form.;)
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    Every Trade in the Royal Air Force is important as they are all cogs in the machine and without any one part then the whole thing would be in danger of coming apart at the seams.

    Spot on, although my trade is "considerably more important than thou" :D
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    It sounds as though they have a strange interpretation of JSP 752. Para 04.1326 states:
    All HDT (Public) and HDT (Private) claimants will be restricted to a maximum of 50 miles per single journey, including the distance of
    any PC,
    Note it says SINGLE journey and not the round trip distance. I would go back to unit admin and argue the point.

    JSP 752 can be found in various places but here is a handy copy.
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    Each case is different. A few years ago you could claim what was called "Restricted" allowance if you had also claimed disturbance and removals when you moved to your current location. You need to check with the JSP and whoever is your admin.
    I am NOT a mortgage & insurance adviser - or anything to do with finance, that was put on by the new system I dont know why?!
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    Got to admit i have had a run in with the raf police whilst based at RAF Linton On Ouse and they have it pritty sweet there. There was an inncodent outside my house where a bike got ran over, by a car. And the raf copper loved playing the role I think he thought he was Taggart or something complete idiot!!!!! I could not answer any of his questions as I did not see what happened. But still he hassled me to get answers. Finally I told him to !!!! off and get the civvy police. Complete idiots, I was there for 4 years and very rarely seen them, the MPGS on camp did more. I think they let them do all the work and they just enjoy there cups of tea. Apart from that one time you very rarely seen them. They are pointless, the funny thing is the idiot copper that came to my house left the Police and then joined the MPGS work that out!!!!
    :xmastree: karen :A
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    JSP 752 Chapter 4, Section 13 for the info on HDT (Public) or (Private)

    JSP 752 Chapter 1, Section 6 for the into on the rates of HDT (Public) or (Private)

    42miles, is £11.80 a day for Private,(ie you elected to live 42miles from work, and not allocated accomodation at that place).


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