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Great 'Best Value Cabin Luggage' Hunt

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    niceday999niceday999 Forumite
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    I got this one from Amazon. Its fantastic

    it measures 51 x30 x20 and holds 44L
    Its very light ....
    it has lots of pockets and you can carry it lots of ways.....i have been looking for ages and its very light....hope this helps someone.....
  • Eleanory wrote: »
    I've just bought two cabim suitcases from Debenhams online, reduced from £60 to £20, with a voucher for a further 10% off. With p & p the cost of both came to £40.50. Tripp, with handle and wheels. I haven't flown yet but will let you know. I plan to fly to Belfast International at the end of September with bmibaby. Only going for three days so won't need to pack much. I saw the offer on www.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Travelled end of September on bmibaby Cardiff-Belfast Intl. The case was well within limits.
  • HanSpanHanSpan Forumite
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    For carrying toiletries on board I've found somewhere that sells cheap empty bottles far cheaper than chemists:

    Five 100ml clear for only £2.14 plus 9p each for a standard screw top. I'm not sure how much postage would be as I bought little round pots as well but I remember thinking it was perfectly reasonable. If you're feeling flush you can pay a few more pence for green or blue bottles for variety!
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    AndyjenkAndyjenk Forumite
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    Since writing the following I've used the bag. It worked and fitted EasyJets luggage measurer. Unfortunately the velcro did not stay together! This meant it was possible to lose items when stowed. Fortunately I took an alternative for the return journey - two Morrison's large carrirer bags (38p each!). I put everything in one (including the empty Iceland bag) and placed it inside the other (empty bag upside down over full bag). Then I turned the whole lot upside down, ending up with a fully enclosed bag with 2 carry handles. Just remember to turn the bags over before opening. This worked a treat. Sorry I posted before a full test. Another potential drawback is if you need to leave your luggage unattended - anyone can interfere with them. Padlocking the handles together should solve that, however.


    Iceland have an Insulated Reusable Bag for £2 measuring 52.5 X 39.5 X 27.5 cm. The 52.5 cm includes a 7cm section containing 2 plastic rods as carrying handles beyond the velcro top closure, and as these will fold back along the top of the bag the effective height is 45 cm. although it is 17.5 cm wide it will easily squash down to 20cm if you don't completely fill it (the bottom could bulge out up to 10 cm and stay within limit!). The insulation is extremely thin and mainly means you have an inner surface which is simple to wipe clean.

    On my kitchen scales it weighs about 200gm (6.5 oz).

    Because the inner and outer dimensions are almost the same it will hold considerably more than a wheeled case of the same external dimensions. If, like me, you have been caught out because the wheels on your old wheeled case make it just too large, you can play safe and use it as a measure. Alternatively, make two 20cm piles of books, place either side of the bag and check that the bag fits under a ruler placed across them.

    I find the plastic rods make for very comfortable carrying.

    There is also a plastic insert base stiffener which can be removed if you don't want it.


    a) Bright red with white "Iceland logo" and "use me again and again..."
    b) No wheels, but the bag is so much lighter than a wheeled case this should not normally be a problem.
    c) Not baggage-handler-proof, but YOU'll be looking after it!
  • home bargains sells the clear bottle packs, i found a good set of travel products in a shop(dont know he name but most shopping centre have sells perfumes, shampoos etc :confused:) the set is 1.99and contains mini products as shower foam, deodrant, shaving foam etc.
    they do last 2 weeks, i normally fill the refill bottles with shamppo and conditioner etc and had enough for a 2 week break, home bargains was selling mini lynx and dove shower gels for 19p dove shampoo and mini deodrant aeosols,
    the lush hair bars are good but about a fiver each, i do normally take a massage bar for skin to combat sun and they smell amazing so double as perfume.
    i used to send of for free samples and stash them, great for face creams and you dont have to worry about bringing it all back!
    it is easier i find to just buy after checkin though as there is usually a boots where you cn grab a meal deal for plane plus if you are a bloke, a can of lynx etc, and products for babies if needed.

    i found a suitcase on argos and tesco that are both about £13 and fit the criteria.
  • I bought this one here from argos

    Revelation by Antler Silver Zip Case 20in.


    Seems to be slightly too deep, however, in the reviews it says that it fits into the Easyjet cage. I measured it today, and it seems you can squeeze it to under 20 cm. Will try it out the next days, hopefully it fits.

    Anyone knows if the cages for easyjet and ryanair are the same size or is the one from Ryanair smaller?

  • FLYLITE DISCOUNT CODE! 20% discount with the code "FLYLITE" All products have a maximum dimension of 55x40x20, meeting Ryanair and Easyjet's restrictions!!
  • Just taken delivery of something not unlike the following from Amazon Germany- perfectly sized, roomy inside, will report back after I use it next weekend!

    Only thing that's annoying is no shoulder strap.
  • leewleew Forumite
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    Bought a Dunlop Trolley case as mentioned on here from Sports Direct £7.99 bargain! i also bought a Nike Trolley case which was sat near it for £35 was £60!
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