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My Min-by-min (political) day in the life...' blog discussion

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    jramyajramya Forumite
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    Oops no time to breathe, but I came to know that you have this many instances in media going thru ur ideal day.
    All the best!
    Should you need any website suggestion, like user perspective of website stuff i can help, of course free for u money saving expert!
  • Gosh - that does sound mad - productive though. Don't forget to take it easy from time to time though.
    Making my money go further with MSE :j
    How much can I save in 2012 challenge
    75/1200 :eek:
  • beer_tinsbeer_tins Forumite
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    That's quite a day! Can I make one suggestion, though? Why don't you get someone on your team to check that all of the links in your emails are working? I think your time could be better spent!
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  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    beer_tins wrote: »
    That's quite a day! Can I make one suggestion, though? Why don't you get someone on your team to check that all of the links in your emails are working? I think your time could be better spent!

    Thanks for that - its not actually about checking the links work per se - its more editorially looking at the feedback, seeing what's popular, any other suggestions, anything people disagree with sort of "keeping on top of the content" - its really important to me as it helps let me know what people want and dont want from MSE :)
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  • ThinkingOfLinkingThinkingOfLinking Forumite
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    I love being busy and having lots to do but that would do me in...well done for not going totally insane with all that activity. For me, a good day involves having a shower before midday (unless I'm going out beforehand).
  • KarmacatKarmacat Forumite
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    omigod Martin, you're going to give yourself a heart attack! Mind you, I was glad to see some exercise scheduled in there. Sweetie, we love the work you do, but we love *you* too - please don't have too many days like this one!
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  • I'm impressed, I didn't realise you were that popular Martin :D,
    you have become a victim of your own success :eek:
    And my 77 year old mother STILL fancies you..................................:p.
    KEEP CALM AND keep taking the tablets :cool2:
  • Bogof_BabeBogof_Babe Forumite
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    Aww, all that and you had to get your own tea too. That's unless Mrs MSE was out at the chippie! :D

    Amazing how all this technology enables lifestyles we could never have dreamed of even 20 years ago. Trouble is, there's really no escape these days.
    :D I haven't bogged off yet, and I ain't no babe :D

  • worried123worried123 Forumite
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    In a word.....PHEW!!!!!!!
  • That really shocked me. Hubby was asking about this site yesterday and asked what full time job was if this site was to help people......I'm going to show him the blog later so he knows!!!

    Just so you know Martin, even if each article/interview/item you do just helps one person (which we know it helps more!) then that's alot of good karma coming back to you!!!
    Tesco Clubcard - £50, Boots Advantage Card - £4 , Nectar points - 1846 :T
    I love Martin, he's saved me a fortune!!!:money:
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