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    A few tips :

    (1) If you can't get to the venue box office it's always worth shopping around the agencies online as invariably some tickets are sold at more than one agency : key ones are Ticketweb, SeeTickets, WeGotTickets, Alive, Ticketline : some of these are better than others with regards to booking fees (We Got Tickets in particular are a little cheaper)

    (2) Check local independent record shops for tickets for the smaller bands - eg here in Nottingham, Selectadisc Records sell tickets for Rock City/Rescue Rooms with a minimal booking charge of about 50p, if that.

    (3) Blag a free ticket - if the group has an official website try contacting them and say you'll write a full review. Alternatively try one of the online or paper music magazines or, better still, your local newspaper : chances are they can get you on the guest list in return for a written review and maybe some photos. MInd you, this is unlikely to work for big names, only smaller bands.
  • Nat West also offer 25% discount on event and theatre tickets through their Advantage Premier account. This costs £14.95 per month, and offers many other benefits. I have used the service a few times, and it works perfectly.
  • Sometimes shows are on sale through more than one agency with hugely different booking fees. For smaller music shows, try - they charge the lowest booking fee by far (max 10% and often less) AND there's no postage as all tickets are electronic - no junk mail either. They don't have that many shows yet, but getting more all the time.
  • oibaldy
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    rwoods wrote:
    ...This was a saving of £4-£5 over the same concert at Manchester Apollo where tickets have to be bought through an agency.

    Living in the Midlands, this probably doesn't help you, but tickets for the Manchester Apollo can be bought without booking fees by going to the booking office at the Palace Theatre, since it forms part of the same group.

    I'd echo what others have said: if you can get to the venue ticket office, there are usually no additional charges (for cash), and indie record shops also do good deals. If you are going to the type of gig that indie shops support, you can usually pay on the door for about a quid extra which won't help you get tickets for stadia tours, but should help out for small bands on the up.
  • I wanted to see Lion King and after searching many ticket sites i decided when i was in london one day to go along to the theatre itself. I'm glad i did, not only was there no booking fee but I could also choose from their seating plan where we sat but the best bit was that i got a price reduction because my sister is registered disabled. i didnt need to bring the blue badge and didnt need to bring it on the night to prove i had it. Her ticket was approx half price! When i enquired about this originally over the phone and on web sites there was no offer of a price reduction.
    Also then got to take all the tickets home with me and not pay another high postage charge!
    would def goin person again but realise this isnt always possible!
  • annie-c
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    I rarely use ticket agents for London Theatre - the National Theatre, Royal Opera House and many others let you buy online or by phone at Box office prices with no booking fee and no more than a £1 charge for postage - which you can avoid by picking up tickets on the day.

    It can be hard to find box office websites online, because a Google search will usually come up with a massive list of agents for any given theatre/play - but I have built up a list of 'favourites' by always asking for website details & asking to be added to the mailing list whenever I ring a box office to book tickets for a particular play, ballet or whatever.
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    pthov wrote:
    Remember also that each ticket agency often has its own allocation of tickets, so if one agent has sold out other agents might still have some left. You should also shop around - different agents charge different fees for the same tickets and it can also vary from show to show.

    If you want cheap tickets (eg in the gods) then you might need to shop around there as well because some agents don't sell the complete range of tickets or might have sold their allocation of the cheaper ones.

    Bear in mind that some venues' own box offices are linked to an agency - if I phone the lady on the desk at the Grand Opera House in York it is charged through Ticketmaster with all the fees but if I go in and buy from the same lady in person there are no fees!

    Oh my God! Have I really just seen a post where the writer has actually used an apostrophe - and correctly? Sorry if this doesn't follow the thread but it is so unusual I just had to comment!
    :rudolf: Always skip and eat your peas :rudolf:
  • I Book a lot of gigs , mostly Indie alternative music but I have a wide variety of shows I go to . The best tips I can offer are ( This is slightly London orientated )

    A) Make sure you check multiple ticket agents for the best booking fees and delivery methods available . They can normally be found on the artist’s websites or on the venues or promoter website. If you cant find them the main ones are - known for it high fee although the website does offer a good account facility and you can count on it not crashing when things get busy – part of ticketmaster although does offer reduced booking fee and the option of venue pick up on most events which can save £5 of registered delivery – normally the most expensive of them all but worth checking if you cant get availability elsewhere – These guys tend to get most gigs and there website always dies when a large event goes on sale.

    B) Where possibly always go for venue pick up option . This can save you £5 per order . For this reason if ticektweb are doing the event then these guys are my personal favourite. Seetickets ( who also have a site under don’t offer venue pickup unless the event is in the next few days and postage wouldn’t be possible . The best thing to do is book the ticket online . Ring them up, you can use this number 01159 454590 which will go straight to their customer serve team and you can request venue pick up as an option and they will refund the delivery. If customer services is busy or closed you will go through to their call canter and you will need to request a customer service call back for this to be done . The call centre can be very unhelpful however insist you want venue pick up and insist you want customer service to refund the delivery and they will call you back. I have as yet been unable to do this with ticketmaster but I am sure with a bit of persistence it can be done to.

    C) By far the best and cheapest way or them all is where and when possibly if you can go either directly to the ticket outlet or venue buying the tickets without booking fees and charges. The only let down is they normally only take cash and no credit cards.

    Using the above methods I save at least £20 a month in booking fees and postage charges . I hope you all can benefit from the above.
  • Also, check who get an allocation on most theatre and music events, with varying booking fees. These fees are transaction fees which include postage on gig tickets.
    They sold first reserve George Michael tickets for a total of just over £67 including fees, where other sites were offering the same for about £100.
    It's worth checking out.
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    I'd like to say THANK YOU for recommending Express Events - I've just purchased the last three tickets to Sinatra for matinee showing on 3rd June for just £37.50 each instead of £55! Great tip!

    Thank you


    notken wrote:
    I agree. The likes of Ticketmaster I find particularly galling. They charge at least £1.50 postage, yet it's a second class stamp and they stuff the envelope full of third-party advertising. They should be paying *us* for posting this trash. As a result I haven't bought a single ticket from Ticketmaster for over three years now. If I see something I want to go to and it's only available through Ticketmaster, I don't go.

    For booking, I've found Express Events to be excellent: hard-to-find tickets at excellent prices and usually no extras over the face value. Often less than face-value.

    For Arsenal tickets (come on you Gunners), I use Ticketmaster's Web site to see what tickets are available and then call or write to the stadium to buy them, saving several pounds per ticket.

    This has been a bugbear of mine for a long time, so I'm very grateful that MSE is covering it at last.

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