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  • Most 'younger', computer-minded, drivers are able to avoid using a PO but the Post Office serves a very important role for the rest of the local people in that area. Be happy queuing, enjoy the social aspect and know that for some this may be their only link to other people in their area. They may go the rest of the week in their own company, not through choice but due to a lack of mobility and visitors dropping in to see them. Do your best to keep Post Offices open.
  • Wiggly_Worm
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    DO NOT go to the PO on the last or the first day of the month, or you will be waiting behind an enormous queue of people renewing their road tax.
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  • I still don't understand why Post Offices don't have separate queues for their core business - err, posting stuff - and the other things. My local post office has just two staff positions and every time I go in there, the 15 people in front of me in the queue are doing things they can do elsewhere or another way. They also seem to take three or four minutes doing it, compared to my 30-second "weigh, print and pay" sending of parcels.
  • I've never found crown post offices that bad - the one in York was perfectly fine in terms of queueing, I don't think I ever spent more than about 20 minutes in there tops. But then again I was a student and therefore tended to go mid afternoon or mid morning in the week...

    I'd generally say if you're going to be sending a lot of stuff to buy your envelopes/jiffy bags in bulk beforehand (I assume it's perfectly possible to do this) as I am guilty of only buying them when I need them and am sure doing a big stock up would be more useful. And yes, definitely agree about postcodes and following good address practices (check the address on the Post Office website - it normally omits things like counties for example which aren't really necessary).
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    I feel I have to comment.....as someone who works in a post office I can tell you all the best way to avoid queues is on a Saturday morning before 10. Most people have a lay in on a Saturday and dont get to town much before 10. Also about 3pm on an afternoon is good, but as mentioned before Wednesday afternoons are best avoided as we balance the office.
    If you all continue to do your postage through ebay online,
    buy your stamps at superdrug,
    pay your bills by direct debit,
    tax your car online,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont moan when Post Offices across the country are being closed down....IF YOU DONT USE IT-YOU LOSE IT!!!!!
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    The Post Office closed my excellent helpful, friendly, low-queueing sub Po last year, and the Crown Office has poor staff, closed counters, long queues.

    So now I travel an extra 1/2 mile to another sub PO - friendly helpful etc, unless I only want a Proof of Posting for a letter size item that I have already put a stamp on, in which case I will queue at the Crown office - I'm happy to take up their time and they get no money through their till from me!!

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    Cowboy423 wrote: »
    I send the Mrs. Problem solved. :p

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  • I find Saturday afternoons are a great time to go, whereas the morning is always rammed with people.

    We've always just figured that most people assume the Post Office is shut in the afternoon, like banks, so try to do everything done before noon.
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    For parcels and recorded deliveries I always go to branches of Mailboxes Etc.
    Open till 6-7pm in London and never any queue worth speaking about.
  • headcoat
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    Use another company for large parcels, such as Hermes. They will collect it and deliver and works out cheaper than Royal Mail. Note sure if they actually deliver it but they did collect it this morning.
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