Spill the beans... on cutting Post Office queues (revisited)



  • vegaslight wrote: »
    I'm so sorry for you poor people standing in the queue but perhaps if the person in front of you prepared everything before they go to the counter things could be a lot quicker. Customers get to the counter - don't know what they want, havn't got parcels packed properly, can't find their money, stand there arguing that it is too expensive to send !!! sorry but I can't change Royal Mail prices just for you so either pay or go. As for selling - tell the management !!!! - we all have a job to do and in this climate i am very grateful for a job and if my bosses [and union] say I have to sell to keep my job then I will. Perhaps if people just complained through the proper chanels instead of complaining to the clerks things could be changed for the better. I give people the number, address or email address to complain but no they can't be bothered. I also feel so sorry for the assistants in the supermarkets at this time of year and make an extra effort to be polite to them. It is not their fault there is a queue if you want to complain do it through the proper chanels and leave the people that are only doing their jobs alone.

    Yes, Yes, Yes - absolutely right. I'm sure nobody behind the counter enjoys trying to sell Life Insurance or Credit cards to the same people every week and every Customer Service Assistant is amazed that most people still don't apply for their car tax earlier than the last two days of the month.
    We live in an imperfect world and the Post Office is struggling with massive competition from businesses without the restrictions or overheads the Post Office faces.
    Post Office staff work their socks off every day under immense pressure from management to sell and trade up as much as possible.
    it is a hard and highly pressured job and they do their best to be as polite and sympathetic and helpful as possible.
  • amcluesent
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    Post Office staff work their socks off every day...

    :rotfl: Not round my way, they only have two speeds - dead slow and 'counter closed'
  • richto
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    For anything costing more than £5.80 to post, use a courier instead. Parcels Please are £5.19 + VAT -7% Quidco for 10KG via DHL Express Next Day.
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    It seems my Post&Go machine has had an upgrade from when I last used it, you can now get a printed proof of posting. So I weighed, paid got POP and cash receipt and then waited 2 minutes at the "fast drop" desk to validate my POP.

    Very impressed I must say. There are 7 counters at the PO I go to (never seen more than 5 open though) and 6 has priority for "fast drop" for 7 is "foreign currency/passport check and send (although they never enforce the latter, cue huge queues in the summer with people clogging up every counter with the check & send!). If both are not open one always is and you can do both at the one counter in that instance.
  • dollywops
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    I have a great arrangement with my local Post Office/Postmaster. DS sells a particular item and when there is a new release, there can be lots. He gets all the parcels ready, attaches all the required labels, SD, International, Customs, etc, and also weighs the parcels. I then drop them off and go back later to pay.

    I know he has the same arrangement with a local lady who is an ebay re-seller.

    He really is very kind and helpful. In fact, he telephoned me abot 6.30pm yesterday to tell me not to come to the Post Office today, as it would be closed, due to him having to attend a family funeral - can't ask for better service than that!
  • brettcta
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    i have the same arrangement. lots of the same item.

    drop them off at the post office (where i used to work) and go back later and pay/drop more parcels off
    helpful tips
    it's spelt d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y
    there - 'in or at that place'
    their - 'owned by them'
    they're - 'they are'
    it's bought not brought (i just bought my chicken a suit from that new shop for £6.34)
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    soolin wrote: »
    My sub has shorter queues but is reluctant to allow anything to go as a large letter, everything is a pocket. The crown one is busy, an average wait of 25 minutes but if I can get my item through the slot it is a large packet.

    So I judge which post office to use by the sort of items i have to post.

    ........I have the OFFICIA PO 5 MM guage ( 2007 issue)

    I think it is no longer available ?? Let mee know. NB With yourr own one yyou NEVER need to queue
    What goes around - comes around
    give lots and you will always recieve lots
  • soolin
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    norman wrote: »
    ........I have the OFFICIA PO 5 MM guage ( 2007 issue)

    I think it is no longer available ?? Let mee know. NB With yourr own one yyou NEVER need to queue

    Thank you, but I posted that three years ago and my posting method has now changed and I bought a gauge a couple of years ago.
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    norman wrote: »
    ........I have the OFFICIA PO 5 MM guage ( 2007 issue)

    I think it is no longer available ?? Let mee know. NB With yourr own one yyou NEVER need to queue

    SORRY............. SHOULD read OFFICIAL guage

    AND the PO GAVE it to me FOC.......... Then a friend wanted one and was told......"No longer made"
    What goes around - comes around
    give lots and you will always recieve lots
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