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August 2009 Grocery Challenge

edited 20 August 2009 at 10:23AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Well managed 2 nsd's and my budget is looking good have spent £18.59p so far in Aug which leaves £71.41 to go:j Did have to have another key cut as one of the releif carers lost it, :mad:but that doesn't come out of GC budget.

    Will go and update my sig and catch up on posts.

    HWGA xx
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    Afternoon all, I went over somehow last week by a few pounds :mad:. I don't know how/why i do it, my freezers are full as are the cupboards.
    Have sent DS shopping for bread,eggs,milk and mushrooms which will save me some money from going myself as i buy stuff that we dont need :rolleyes:. I have taken some chicken and mince out of the freezer, will do chicken curry,rice and nann bread tonight, spag bol tomorrow and possibly mac cheese on weds so shouldnt need to buy anything at all for the next couple of days :rolleyes:.
    Will update sig when DS gets back.

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    Thanks to everyone who 'thanked' my first post on the Grocery Challenge - made me feel really welcome!!

    I've just done what is supposed to be a fortnightly Asda shop and spent £36!! :j The freezer was already rammed but I have still shoehorned in a whoopsie turkey drumstick and some frozen brocolli and cauliflower. I forgot leeks and chicken livers despite my list, which does rather make the £2.40 I spent on fortified wine for pate and soup a bit redundant. :rolleyes:

    No fixed meal plan as we both work strange shifts but am considering French onion soup, Spanish omelette, brocolli and cauliflower cheese with bacon. Tonight we are having 20p Szechuan sauce (Home Bargains) to disguise some very brown beef, freezer-burned baby corn and two week old red pak choi!! ;) Also need to decide on a recipe for some beautiful Smartprice chestnut mushrooms ... Maybe vegetables stuffed with turkey? :confused:
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  • Afternoon all!
    I'm at home and feeling quite sorry for myself with a runny nose, sore throat and aching everything (not to mention feeling a bit nauseous too) - maybe piggy flu?
    Never mind I'll live!

    Dragged myself around Mr T's yesterday and spent £47 - it could have been less but I was feeling ill and just flung things in the trolley.

    I'm off to faff with the mealplan now I went a bit "offroad" with the shopping......
    January grocery spending - £82.73/ £120
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    MRSMCAWBER wrote: »
    Hi Tash

    its approved foods -which I think is...

    just checked it and cor blimey my link works -woohoo me :rotfl:

    Wooo you !! lol

    Thank you. Sorry I am late in replying but went away for a few accident filled days :rolleyes:

    Will have a look around the site !!

    T xx
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    My shopping trip today was a complete disaster:(
    I tried Aldi for the first time and I must say I was not impressed at all. I specifically went in for the offers too, and they didn't have the one I wanted the most:rolleyes: I was happy with one or two items I got from out of there, the super six offer the boxes of crisps, and some nice looking red&white wine vinegar for 85p. But ended up just picking things up to try, because we had made the effort to go there:rolleyes: I think next time I will phone in advance and see if they actually have the offer that I want in stock;)

    So hotfooted over to Asda, with the kids and dh moaning all the way, and got most of what I needed, plus a load more junk, to make it up to everyone.....

    Haha, ended up spending far too much and not leaving any money to get out for a taxi home, and dh had left his joint account card at home (mine is lost) So we ended up standing round trying to work out how to get home with all the shopping two tired kids and a hugry baby:o:rotfl:

    Next week I will be getting a DELIVERY:p

    Spent in total £88.51...and I will definitely need bits through the week:rolleyes:

    Mel x
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  • Hi

    Redmel - that sounds like the shopping trip from h*ll

    NSD for me - thats 4 so far this month - WTG!!!

    Helen x
    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • redmel1621redmel1621 Forumite
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    Redmel - that sounds like the shopping trip from h*ll

    NSD for me - thats 4 so far this month - WTG!!!

    Helen x

    Yes it was, believe me....NEVER AGAIN!!!!!:rotfl:

    Mel x
    Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
    Nothing is going to get better. It's not.
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    Evening everyone :D

    Today turned out NOT to be a NSD :p- we went in search of blackberries -and decided to pick up the bits whilst out -saving fuel ;)
    Most of what I got was for baking so will last a while -even if its after I have turned it into bakes for the freezer (once I have re-jigged the freezer to make room :o)
    Anyhow -the blackberry patch hubby spotted on camp the other day turned out to be a cracker -so now I have 4.5lb of big, firm, ripe blackberries :jand there are loads more that should be ready in a week or so :T
    So now I have 2lb4oz on the hob making the filling for 3xblackberry grater cake bakes and 2lb in the fridge which Im going to split into 1/2lb bags and freeze for crumble in winter :D -Best of all was when we nipped in the NAAFI and saw that they were sellin blackberries @ €2.19 for 125g pots :eek:
    Hopefully tomorrow the plan is to make the grater cakes, a couple of batches of courgette muffins and a carrot/passion cake -hopefully

    So my shopping ended up like this:-
    1. 2kg plums @1.49 x 2 -they are gorgeous :p
    2. 1kg peaches 99c x 2
    3. 1.5kg lump of pork 4.57 -heck knows how many meals I will get from it :D
    4. 2 feta @79c
    5. 10 eggs 1.29
    6. 2 packs butter @ 65c -total €13.70
    • 2 bags plain flour @ 39c
    • 2 bags sr flour @ 1.49
    • bag sugar @85c
    • ground almonds 79c
    • ground hazelnuts 1.15
    • walnuts 1.69
    • sultanas 49c
    • golden syrup 1.45
    • light brown sugar 1.55
    • dark brown sugar 1.29 -total €13.02
    So I think that lot comes to €26.73 Dinner tonight was pork steaks with steamed potatoes, peas -and HG beans and a sauce made with onion, HG courgette, marscapone and english mustard mmmmmmmmm
    Hope everyone is having a good week ...
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  • Had a NSD today and still havent been to big supermarket, but have had to use co op for milk and bread..
    have made lentil and sausage casserole in slow cooker which made 4 portions so going to freeze extra 3 down
    made pilchard pancakes yesterday (leftover mash and carrots)so froze down 4
    am still on clearning freezer and cupboards plan..
    had to buy a new kettle last week as the lid snapped off ours! got a cheap £8 from argos. seems ok
    £17,000 credit card debt :mad: balances transferred to 0% and ready to start paying them off like mad
    £6500 student loans
    £5000 loan paid off yay:money: extra £120 a month to put on credit cards
    monthly budget £600 for food, petrol , going out household/vets bills etc
    meal planning since July
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