MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should a desperate housewife condone a cheating boss?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:

Gabrielle is good pals with her husband, Carlos's, boss and his wife. Yet one day, she catches the boss romancing another woman. When she confronts him, he promises to pay Carlos a £100 bonus every month if she keeps schtum about his cheating ways. They're struggling at the moment; should Gabby spill the beans to the boss's wife or take the cash? (Inspired by Desperate Housewives)
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    scotsbobscotsbob Forumite
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    £100 for nothing?

    Take it.

    If she spills the beans the boss just fires her hubby, then they'll struggle even more and serve her right.

    It really none of her business anyway.
  • She doesn't have to condone him but she doesn't have to expose him either. Neither does she have to accept the pay off. Declining the bribe will indicate moral disapproval and establish high ground. The boss will feel scummy, which is fine really.
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    It's blackmail essentially, therefore she should refuse it. Although whether or not she should expose him is another matter.

    But by all accounts, no money should be accepted.
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  • Susan_FrostSusan_Frost Forumite
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    Would not take the money

    Would not spill the beans either. Up to the couple to sort out their own marriage, the wife may already suspect. Would back off from being so friendly with him, but be ready to support the wife if/when she needs it. It probably wont be the first time he has been unfaithful.
  • mr-tom_2mr-tom_2 Forumite
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    So far only he has done something wrong.

    If she takes the money, it is blackmail, and unless Carlos owns the company, it is also tantamount to embezzlement as (it reads as if) he's using the company's money to pay.
  • I don't think the answer should be affected by the money on offer. the situation is nothing to do with her, and she should just keep quiet anyway.
  • whitewingwhitewing Forumite
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    If the bss can treat his wife with such a lack of respect, then he won't have a great deal of respect for Carlos either. Don't take the money and look for a new job.
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  • She should tell her own husband, and help him find a new job, but not do anything else. Cheaters always get found out in the end, and neither Carlos nor his wife would be grateful/pleased if it got exposed this way.
  • webwizwebwiz Forumite
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    She should certainly not tell. If she thinks it immoral to take the money she could either refuse it or give it to charity.
  • Neither!! She should walk away from the situation.
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