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  • I went to Tokyo by courier flight in August '07 and I had the exact same experience as imagia. In fact every single person I know that has flown courier flights (10+) has had the complete opposite experience to that of PhilU.

    My flight costed me £420 at a time when flights from other airlines costed around £1000. A friend of mine booked her flight for I think end of july and got it for £320.

    Courier flights are definitely not a hassle and are a great way of travelling (although I don't know of any other destinations that courier flights go to). The only bad thing is that they're not available all the time.
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    I flew as a courier to and from Australia in December 2006/Jan 2007, while a student, it raised a few eyebrows among family and friends as they thought it sounded a bit dodgy, but it was a great experience and I had no problems whatsoever! I got a return ticket for under £700, which at the time was not a bad price (considering the other flights I looked at were costing £1000) and I just had to go to the company's warehouse near Heathrow to pick up cargo documents, relating to the freight in the hold.

    I heard about the company through my ex-boyfriend, whose brother had couriered before. I had a 6 hour stop in Tokyo (Narita), where I had to hand paper documents over to another courier at a precise spot and then flew on to Sydney. On the way out, I flew with Japan Airlines all the way. On the way back, I flew with Qantas. It was a good experience and I'd do it again. It was exactly the same as imagia and Bombay said, except I wasn't given a dress code and turned up in jeans and a t-shirt (maybe they implemented the dress code after seeing the state of me!!)

    Even if my courier ticket had been as expensive as the full price one, it was that easy that I'd do it again.
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    I did a courier flight with British Airways in 2001 London to Tokyo Narita. I'd been invited to a friend's wedding which was due to take place that July, but as a student I knew that I couldn't afford the usual £600+ return fare for that time of year. I joined the service, and found the BA booking number, which has been quoted above.

    I booked the outbound and return flights for £150 total, and was just told to visit an office at the airport a few hours before the flight. I wasn't given a dress code, and I had the normal luggage allowance.

    On the day I collected a small sealed packet of papers before boarding. At Narita airport a member of staff was waiting for me to take the papers. I had to wait while he checked the paperwork. While I was waiting, I chatted to another courier who had flown there from London with Virgin and was also waiting for her paperwork to be checked.

    Once they were happy with the documents (15-20 mins later), I was allowed to carry on to arrivals and meet my friend. I wasn't required to fulfil any courier duties on my return flight.

    I'd definitely do it again.
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    I used to do this as a student some 15 years ago on a regular basis to Barcelona. At tht time the tickets were cheaper than the student fares but when easyJet came along I didn't bother any more.
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    How can I become an on-board Courier?
    Call our British Airways Onboard Courier line on 0870 3200301. They will provide you with details of couriers currently needed.

    from ba world cargo site
  • I don't see how these can exist nowadays.

    Firstly, no airline will be happy to let a passanger on with a package they didn't pack and have no idea what it contains.

    Many years ago when I used to do it the only evidence of the package you ever saw was the manifest (i.e. the paperwork). They paid you for taking that to the desk at the other end and consumed a portion of your luggage allowance.

    It was all above board and arranged with the airline.

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    I'm currently trying to get a cheap flight to Ercan, Northern Cyprus (not having much luck :( ). So i phoned BA's courier line (using the number on Stephann's post) to see what flights are on offer. The woman informed me that they currently only fly Heathrow to Tokyo.
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  • Back in the 90's I use to get these flights from NYC to London, Paris and Amsterdam for $169.00 roundtrip, I never had to actually courier anything either i just had to give up my luggage space and could only take carry on with me. but they did exist, I originally found the adds in the Village Voice classified section. it was pretty much 169 rt to anywhere in western Europe and the UK.

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    What's it about?

    Newspaper travel supplements often cite courier flights, where you get cut-price tickets in return for delivering a parcel, as a way to snap up bargains. Yet finding them’s virtually impossible. We want to know whether you've actually managed to get through a courier flight, what price you paid and how you did it.

    What to do?

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