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Universal mobile phone chargers to be unveiled in 2010

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Former_MSE_GuyFormer_MSE_Guy Former MSE
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This thread is to discuss the following news story:


  • 456789456789 Forumite
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    Sounds like a good plan
    "Does anyone have a Nokia (replace with relevant make) charger?"
    even that doesn't always work as some manufacturers have more than one type of charger i.e. with nokia they have a thinner end for some phones and a thicker one for others
  • banger9365banger9365 Forumite
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    i think there all moving to the mini usb connector that rim and htc and motora us and a few others ,like garmin ect
    there or their,one day i might us the right one ,until then tuff

  • HappySadHappySad Forumite
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    about time too. Then they can sell you phone without new charger & you just use your old one & purchase a new charger when that one dies. Save all the hassle. When you are at a friends house your phone will fit their charger. Only need 1 car charger etc. Cut down in cinsumtion & save our money & landfill :0)
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  • ShaneUKShaneUK Forumite
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    I think that it should go one step further, instead of including a charger in a the box, in comes as a seperate. For a set time, say 2 years from launch, the charger still comes for free. However, after that, if you need one, you pay say £10 for it. That way, you are not going to end up with lots of chargers still.
  • BuzbyBuzby Forumite
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    How can they be 'unveilled' when we've been using Mini-USB since 2005? The whole point of the single standard is to phase out supplying USB chargers with new phones, as we'll all have them anyway - and the cost to buy one will only be a few pounds.
  • fatboy88fatboy88 Forumite
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    They've been against this for ages as the amount of money they make is huge
  • pixwixpixwix Forumite
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    This is a long-overdue development - one many of us have been asking for for years and years. I've been told 3 or 4 times over the last 5 years by various providers than a common charger "just isn't technically possible". I know enough about electronics to know that's total BS. We get all sorts of bells and whistles on mobile phones these days - mostly bling we don't want and didn't ask for. Time the industry paid more attention to basics.

    Could we start being sensible about batteries too? I'm fed up with my phone sitting idle every time it needs recharging. Why doesn't the battery in my phone slide out so it can be recharged on its own, with a spare battery replacing it? One in the phone, one on charge, and the phone never out of use - it's not rocket science. No need to lose data - a button cell could do that for a year, just like pocket planners.

    I'm disabled and need to carry a phone for emergency purposes. I'm sick of having to fork out for two phones rather than one phone and two batteries.
  • fatboy88fatboy88 Forumite
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    One of my family works for the supplier of most accessories to CPW, P4U and the major phone shops. They know how much money is to be made from each phone change but she told me about 9 months ago they would be doing this but she didnt have the exact date. I saw a list of how many chargers are sold each month and you why they are against this
  • kriptonkripton Forumite
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    This will definitely a much awaited step, now no more carring three chargers if you have three different models, i personally have nokia, moto, iPhone, and its really hectic to take all chargers whenever i go out on trip.
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