Is your 20p coin worth £50?



  • pretzelnut
    pretzelnut Forumite Posts: 4,301 Forumite
    ah darn, i just banked £50 worth of 20ps about a week ago. Now im wondering was there any in there?

    Would be interesting to know if anyone is actually gonna pay 1000's for one though (who would be that daft) but well done to anyone who does get a buyer willing to pay that amount.
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  • thor
    thor Forumite Posts: 5,476
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    I remember first reading about this a few months ago and ever since I can't stop myself checking every 20 pence I come across. I have a feeling there will be tons of people now similalrly afflicted. (I still have not managed to find one:mad:)
  • bo_drinker
    bo_drinker Forumite Posts: 3,924 Forumite
    I came in to this world with nothing and I've still got most of it left. :rolleyes:
  • coxy07
    coxy07 Forumite Posts: 327 Forumite
    Why are people selling the ordinary royal coat of arms 20p? Surely there are lots of these about? I have several. They are describing them as circulated but Mint Condition. I thought they had to be uncirculated to be mint condition.
  • madmalteaser
    madmalteaser Forumite Posts: 301 Forumite
    Even if those coins were particularly rare, I wouldn't consider paying almost 6 grand for one!!! Reckon someone got a bit silly with the bidding there!
  • Scudlink
    Scudlink Forumite Posts: 833 Forumite
    This is old news so why has it made the headlines today?

    When I heard the story about these undated 20p's months ago I've been checking my change ever since, managed to get 2 so far.

    Noticed these were changing hands on eBay for around £20-£25 up to last week. Guess the sellers are kicking themselves now the London Mint is offering £50 for them.
  • kalaika
    kalaika Forumite Posts: 716 Forumite
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  • DebtHater
    DebtHater Posts: 1,053 Forumite
    kalaika wrote: »
    Sells for £5,800! Madness!

    Oh, and the seller still charges £1.50 for postage. Cheapskate. ;););)

    I thought it would have been a joke, a silly bid from a new user trying to scam the seller.

    But, looking at the bid history, its a buyer with quite a lot of feedback! Amazing how someone feels they have to spend £5000 for a 20p
  • Lurker1972
    Lurker1972 Forumite Posts: 779 Forumite
    Found one in OHs piggy bank ( together with a fake £1 coin!!!)

    ebay here we come!
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  • Fruitloops
    Fruitloops Forumite Posts: 882
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    I've just found two on these! :eek: Should I sell them? I've bought things but never sold on ebay before and I don't know how to go about it... like price etc?!? Help me please!!

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