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July 2009 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 June 2009 at 9:52PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • TrinnyTrinny Forumite
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    Phew -

    Hello all

    Mrs M - £190 for July please :-D

    I really undercut June's budget - but we did it by living out of the freezer - which wont last forever.

    So good luck everyone

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  • iloveteailovetea Forumite
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    Hi, can you put me down for £100 this month please.
    Having visitors from the 30th of July so hope to spend as litle as possible up to then.
    ilovetea x
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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    ... Yes, SEVENTY TWO pints of milk, between TWO of us, in one month.
    1. a spot of meal planning so we don't just eat home made bread and jam, and cold, uncooked porridge and milk all month ...

    If I have cereals and then a milky coffee mid morning that takes the best part of a pint. I easily use 30+ pints a month using it in cooking too, milk puddings sauces and so on. I love milk :D
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • CommitedToChangeCommitedToChange Forumite
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    Well spent the 1st part of my target today - a huge £2.28 on a screwdriver - very annoying as I have several but I needed one with a teeny tiny head to remove screws from computer so I could upgrade the memory.

    I think this month will go like this:
    Veg bags £8 x 4 £32
    Cat food + litter £15 (includes special vet food)
    Screwdriver £2.28
    Friends birthday night out £50 :eek:

    Hmmmm gonna be living off freezer and cupboard supplies - oh well.
    House bought - now to clear the mortgage :T
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    HalfaSixpence_2HalfaSixpence_2 Forumite
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    Struggling a bit already, despite having easily the highest target I've seen here so far - oh, well, that's why I'm here. I did a big shop and thought I was doing quite well, then remembered that I was planning to get the kid's school meals money out of the total as well as the shopping, which means that's it really for this week. I should be able to manage without buying anything other than bread and milk, I think - the raspberries are doing really well at the moment which is good for fruit, the other thing that disappears like snow in summer round here.
    Forgot to say, though, that hopefully that includes enough of various things for at least two weeks if not longer - catfood, certainly, and tuna and other tinned stuff. So maybe it will even out a bit next week.
  • YorkielassYorkielass Forumite
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    I'll catch up with this thread tomorrow :o but can you put me down for £230 for July please.

    I kept reading the June thread but didn't post apart from at the start and end but will do during July.

    I'm starting off with £24.99 spent today because although it's still June, most of it will be eaten in July.

    Tomorrow night I'm going to stock take the cupboards and freezer and start on a basic monthly meal plan :A
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  • angel13angel13 Forumite
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    I all, can you put me down for would have found it easier if we hadn't got through 72 pints of milk!

    ive started getting milk delivered to cut down what we are drinking (my son is the one who uses it if he sees it). Before we were getting through 18pints per week (3 of us) - still less that you though! Anyhow I am now having a pint a day and either 1 6pint or 8 pints from supermarket to top it up. So now between 13 - 15 pints a week so definitely using a lot less :)

  • I want to reduce our Monthly Budget as much as possible, in particular our Food/Household product ( cleaning items toiletries ) budget as much as possible. Partly because I think the amount we spend on food is ( frankly ) maddening. I usually spend £60 - £80 on a big shop on the first Saturday after I get paid, and then do ( rather frequent ) top ups through out the month ( I work at a big Tesco, and the "offers" are too hard to ignore, PLUS the Co Op reduction bins ( that I REALLY did not need to buy! ) Alsi I end up buying lunch/dinner at work ( if anyone else works at Tesco and has a staff canteen will probs understand! ) Im very keen to stop doing this, except as maybe a once in a blue moon thing. All these add on's add up to a rather eye watering fortune

    There are only two ( yes two! ) of us living here, plus 2 cats, 3 dogs, a rabbit and a Leopard Gecko.
    I have the animals on a really good budget ( dogs/cats and rabbit all fed very good natural diets ) Gecko is the littlest, but probs most expensive!

    I will do an inventory of what we have in the cupboards tomorrow afternoon, and compile a menu plan and shopping list. Im hoping that by starting this thread, ( if its okay with the mods, I will update as I go ) I will learn how to cut my shopping bill and learn some moneysavingtips ( plus save some money ) Im pretty sure that going back to basics, and doing it Old Style is the way to go, and a challenge im very excited at taking!

    Right now for what I would like to aim for during July

    Food; £60 per month ( to include all breakfasts, lunches and dinners for self and OH )
    Cleaning £10 per month ( to include washing powders, bleaches, window cleaners etc )

    Hope that this thread is allowed, and that it will enable me to reduce my bills ( and if it helps others then fab fab fab ) tomorrow is a new day, and a new start to a more organised MSE me!
    Kent Bird!:beer:
  • hypno06hypno06 Forumite
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    I succeeded in June - please can you put me down for £350 in July as well! This is £50 less than June's budget, and is only slightly less than my actual grocery spend in June, so should be a realistic target.

    Good luck everyone x
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  • Bitsy_BeansBitsy_Beans Forumite
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    with regards to your cleaning stuff don't bother with window cleaner. Get yourself a spray bottle, white vinegar and water from tap. It's greener and quite frankly cleans better than this toxic chemical rubbish they sell. No smears and don't be put off by the vinegar smell, it doesn't last. it find mine lasts for ages (well either that or I don't clean my windows very often - which is more likely <shame icon>)
    I use cheap bleach (for bathroom grout again mixture of bleach and water in a spray bottle) and Stardrops and that's my cleaning stuff sorted. I use Value microfible clothes from Tesco (3 for £1) for cleaning and scrubbing and dusting is done with a dampish cloth - haven't bought polish for years there really isn't any need.

    Good luck on your journey to OS. This board is mega helpful and look forward to seeing your updates :)
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