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    Welll done for having the courage to post on here. I can totally relate to your spending. My sister once told me I was a shopaholic and I was really offended, but its true. Yesterday I spent £81.90 and I hadn't really realised I had done it. The only reason why I know is because I've set up a spending diary. I'm in a very similar position to you, my bf wants to buy a house and I've been stalling because of my credit history he has no idea. I have some money in the bank and I'm not in debt as such but I'm still spending too much and eating into my savings.

    If you'd like a buddy on this journey pm me as I think we probably could be good support for each other.

    In terms of clothes shopping my biggest tip is to try everything on before you buy it, I have started doing this and I put back most of what I try on saving me a fortune. I have loads of clothes with labels on that dont fit that I haven't taken back but this year I haven't got one item i've bought that I don't love and wear often.

    I spoted that there is a no fee listing day on ebay on thursday maybe you could have a sort out tonight and list tomorrow.

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    Hi lihar.

    I'm soo glad you found the courage to tell your boyfriend. It's a scary step, but you did it! And, I'm also really pleased that he was so supportive and caring. :)

    I started the same with my OH. I admitted that I had debt and was struggling to keep up first. I then, gradually, worked up the courage to tell him how much. By which time, I had already started talking to people on here, worked out my budget, used the snowball calculator and put a plan of action together.

    Again, he was lovely and supportive. He was in a similar position to me about 5 or 6 years ago and has been working hard to clear the debt (he only has a small amount left), so he knew exactly how easily it can happen and how upsetting it can be.

    But....being on this site and seeing me join some of the challenges etc spurred him into doing his own budget etc as to be honest, he could clear his debt quicker if he cut back a bit. Especially on energy drinks! G0d I hate those things and he'll happily spend €5 per day on just 2 cans!!!

    Really need to get him out of that habit, or at least find a cheaper alternative / substitute.

    As for the weight. The big thing for me was seeing a picture of myself that someone had taken and I realised you could see my ribs at the top of my chest!!! Eek! I suddenly didn't feel fat, but too skinny.

    I became too relaxed with it, put it all back on, tried dieting again but hated the idea of depriving myself, so I simply stopped caring and stopped weighing myself. ANd you know what, as soon as I did, I was no longer obsessed with food and stopped eating so much anyway!

    That mixed with a change in lifestyle (there are no vending machines in the Dutch office! Boo hoo!) means that I have been dropping a lb or 2 per week without really thinking about it.

    Although, getting used to not having ANY treats available to me during work hours was a struggle at first, it has paid off.

    I still don't weigh myself very often, about once a month. Otherwise, I think it is too easy to become obsessed with the numbers, instead of concentrating on how you FEEL about yourself.

    And now I'm hungry! ahahahahahahaha
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    Hope noone thinks Im being cheeky, but I avoid "free listing days" if I'm selling, as a lot of people empty our their draws, cupboards and all the hideing places, so theres so much extra on, bonus for buyers, they get a wider choice, sellers you have such a competation.x
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
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