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Competition Scams - Please Post Them Here

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Compers Chat Corner
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  • Morning Annie,
    Did you by any chance happen to notice the ad above this comp.....for Thomas CRAPPER &Co Ltd!!!!
    Appropriate dont you think lol
  • MORPH3USMORPH3US Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
    4.9K posts
    AnnieH wrote:
    and then he got really shirty with those of us who questioned it...

    What happened?!?!

    I entered and "won" a voucher but didn't bother because I thought that everyone would win one.

    Did everyone e-mail him then? What did he say?!?

  • ProsaicProsaic Forumite
    212 posts

    LOL, I got one of his emails telling me I was a lucky runner-up. Then came on here and found out that all 10 of his runners-up seemed to be on here!

    I also want to know what he said - didn't realise anyone had emailed him

    what a con
  • AnnieHAnnieH Forumite
    8.1K posts
    It's all on this thread here

    I think there was also a thread on Loquax about it too. It's a joke. The guy should be done as I'm sure he must be breaking some kind of rules.
  • Just been reading the thread - thats awful behaviour of him! Someone should tell period living that they are helping him con people!!
  • dr_deldr_del Forumite
    75 posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker

    I just emailed period living stating my concerns - what can I say I'm obviously addicted to getting stroppy emails.

    Text reproduced below.


    I am writing to you to express my concern at one of the competitions being run on your site ;

    The reason for my concern is the behaviour exhibited by the creator of the prize in several previous competitions he has run.

    These range from his deceptive (and possibly illegal under the latest government computer usage legislation) use of the harvested emails from the competition not to mention the small matter of his prices apparently jumping by a factor of ten between the competitions (£250 in one yet £2500 in an other using the same portraits and sizes).

    Details of this can be found in the following forum thread;

    In the above thread I have posted under the username “dr del”. While I personally feel any association with this individual could reflect badly upon your publication I realise this is, of course, only one person’s opinion and would be grateful if you choose to share your thoughts upon this matter with me.

    Yours sincerely,

    Wonder if they will even bother to reply.:o

    dr del
  • AnnieHAnnieH Forumite
    8.1K posts
    Nice one Dr Del, I wonder wjat they'll have to say about that :) Keep us psted won't you?
  • fluffynitfluffynit Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    Thanks for letting us know AnnieH, it's good to look out for one another


  • jeppyjeppy Forumite
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    Unbelievable. This company is so unprofessional.

    I wonder what the paintings are like and whether they are just produced from a computer. Their attitude would certainly lead me to believe this!!

    Thanks for the warning.
    ACII and Chartered so now I can focus on learning to play my beautiful Sax. 🎷
  • jeppyjeppy Forumite
    3.4K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    AnnieH, just thanked you, you are nearly on 1000!!!!!

    Go girl!!
    ACII and Chartered so now I can focus on learning to play my beautiful Sax. 🎷
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