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Competition Scams - Please Post Them Here

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  • hello
    I recd one of these letters 2day from them with exactly the same heading
    and also decided to have a quick peek at the website before ringing to authenticate my claim and as soon as I hit the homepage they were offerring
    special membership deal online for £2950., exactly the value of the prize I had supposedly won. I then read on and realised that I would also have to pay £300 odd a year and flights and also a maintenance fee each year in line with infalation. I then left their website and went onto my offers website where I had entered the competition and looked back at the competitions I had entered and this was not listed as a competition that I had entered.
    I definately had my doubts by now and my joy had turned to sorrow as it would have been nice, but hey thats life and then I found this website by chance and am glad I did as it seems I was not the only one to be initially taken in. Thankyou for the information and I will definately we visiting here in the future as very informative.
  • Dear All, please excuse my novice posting skills but I wanted to delurk to let you know that I was contacted today by a rep from who told me I had won the runners up prize in their recent Caribbean holiday competition and gave me a winners code and freephone number to call.
    As I did enter the competition and he had all my email details etc, I checked the MSE forums for adverse comments.
    When the site appeared to be legit I nearly told my kids so that we could have a whoop and a jump up and down in the kitchen but fortunately decided to try phoning the freephone number first.
    Having got through, it turns out to be a SCAM - it is a dodgy timeshare sellers using the oldest trick in the book - come to a free presentation to claim your free holiday.
    I was so irritated that when the guy from getmeaticket rang back to ask ' how I got on' I enjoyed myself telling him exactly what a sleazeball he was and how despicable it is that his company are using a competition website to try and con people.
    Grrrrrrrrr! People like this make me want to chew the carpet!
    Phew! Thanks to all of you for letting me get that off my chest.......
    Keep up the good work and big congrats to any of you who win prizes from genuine companies. Best wishes from Jandy (feeling slightly bamboozled - do they have a smiley icon for that one?)
  • AnnieHAnnieH Forumite
    8.1K posts
    I'm sorry that you've had a bad experience, Jandy. You will win something good, I am sure.

    In mu personal opinion, I tend to steer clear from getmeaticket, !!!!!!, myoffers and that general sort of site.

    There are good ones out there, but these aren't IMO
  • hrafndothrafndot Forumite
    2.2K posts
    Can you re-post this in "I won I won" competition scams sticky please?
  • freebird65freebird65 Forumite
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    Gutted! Just got a recorded delivery letter saying I'd won a prize worth £2950 (sound familiar?) in the getmeaticket/Seasons grand prize draw. Mum's birthday today so perfect!!

    But I was suspicious...why?...cos I only entered the competition late last week!!! A quick search around MSE soon burst my happy little bubble...:mad:

    Thanks for the info everyone and well done those who won genuine prizes.
  • I got a call from someone this week saying it was a runner up prize, a holiday for 4 to Spain from !!!!!!. Same story, it wasnt posted on here, I dont remember entering it and its a timeshare scam. A shame that these kind of companies take advantage of people.
  • I've just received a call from CLC holidays saying I had won runner up prize on my offers competition, 1st prize was Carribean holiday, bet you can't guess what my prize was? Funny thing is I NEVER enter holiday competitions!
  • hello everyone. im new to MSE and thought i would share my experience of a scam competition(ive had a few, but this one really stuck in my mind even though it was a few years ago)
    anyways- i recieved a phonecall from a nice sounding woman saying that i had won a holiday for 6 to walt disney world to take part in some event or other. i was quite sceptical cos i couldnt remember entering any competition but decided to hear her out. she went on about all the things/tickets that were included then the rest of the conversation went like this;
    woman;we just need to verify that you are ****(my name)
    me; sure what do you need to know?
    woman; we need the details of your visa card that was used to enter the competition
    me; but i dont have a visa card
    woman(quite aggressively); i assure you ms. **** that you do because this competition is run by visa exclusively for their card holders
    me; i assure you madam that i dont because im only 16 therefore i legally cant hold a visa or any other credit card

    at that point the line went dead.
    so if anyone gets a call sounding something like this- hang up!!!
    they obviously dont do their homework on the people they are trying to scam!
  • hrafndothrafndot Forumite
    2.2K posts
    great work!!! This is the nastiest kind of scam I've heard of for a while, a bit like "phishing" by phone. Very scarey!!!
  • AnnieHAnnieH Forumite
    8.1K posts
    here is a comp to win a portrait by the amazing Simon Butler
    I'm sure you all remember him from the last comp he ran where EVERYONE "won" a discount voucher from him and then he got really shirty with those of us who questioned it...

    DO NOT ENTER this comp!!!!
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