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Has anyone used this website/knows whether or not its trustworthy? They have an unlocked LG Renoir on there for £207 so i am contemplating making a purchase if they are legit.


  • I have found a camcorder i want on, it is £70 cheaper than the next best price, but after having a poke around discover that all there products are sourced from Hong Kong and so may not have the correct plug and manual supplied with it. Not a major issue i suppose for the saving. No idea as to how trustworthy they are though. Am still in two minds as to whether to order or not.
  • look as if they are cheaper than other retailers. They are not.

    When your goods arrive you will find out that they have been shipped to you from Hong Kong, and you will get a bill for VAT and import duty that is at least equal to the price saving over buying from Amazon.

    At no point in the sales process do they draw your attention to the HK shipping, or to the VAT and duty that you will be required to pay on delivery. They do mention this in the fine print of their website (that they know no-one reads) and therefore what they are doing isn't actually fraudulent, although it is very poor business practice.

    They are a genuine UK registered company, so you do have some recourse against them (eg. you can report them to trading standards, which I have just done.).
  • Yes I agree. DO NOT use the FIZI website.
    What Nick has outlined below has just happened to me.

    I ordered a camera lens from FIZI as was cheaper than most other suppliers, 2 weeks after arrival I've had a £35 bill for VAT and Duty from DHL.

    I rang them to ask for them to refund me for the bill and they said that "it clearly says that goods won't be shipped from the UK". It doesn't clearly say it at all... it's buried away in the T&Cs.

    This is a very short-sighted way of doing business. They may have taken money from me this time but I'll never use them again and will advise everyone I meet against using them.

    Why can't businesses just be honest?

    DO NOT USE FIZI! :mad:
  • Excuse my ignorance but why have you had the bill and if you have why pay it. Surely this should be down to this fizi company so why not just direct the various parties billing you to them?
  • I was just about to order a video camera from Fizi it was £130 cheaper tehn else where then I read teh below comments. I then looked at tehre T and C. Your responisble from factory to delivery, not sure thats legal. yoU HAVE TO PAY IMPORT DUTY. That now makes it more expensize then uk sites once youhave added vat. I will be asking trading standards tommorow to look into this companies T and Cs not sure they are fair.

  • I bought a digital camera mid December from (which use a Midlands address on their website). BEWARE as you will probably receive a bill for import duties well after the 7 day return date as they ship from Hong Kong. My extra charge was £23.81 which would have made the actual product more expensive than other reputable on-line suppliers.

    They hide the 'possibility' of an extra charge within the 1,740 word long Terms & Conditions (obviously towards the bottom)!!!

    What a rip-off!:mad:

    They know exactly what they are doing and when you call them they almost read off a script about the fact that you agreed to their T&Cs so therefore understood about the 'possible' additional charge.

    So basically, if you don't mind guessing what you may eventually pay for a product use - if you do then DON'T TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE!!!!
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