burn software not detecting my DVDRW

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I'm trying to burn an image to a disk but none of the burn software I have is detecting my DVDRW. Not even if I try and burn a music track or film, nothing.

Could this be linked to the problems I have been having with the browser hijack?

I've done all the usual tests and nothing has come up.
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    dori2o wrote: »

    Could this be linked to the problems I have been having with the browser hijack?

    Every chance
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    donnies method should work , had the same problem after Itunes decided it owned all my drives
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  • "Old" burning software may not see the DVD writer upgrade / get driver updates from burning s/w company.
    Also firmware in the DVD (software built in) can be updated this might help, as could almost any thing else could have upset your system.
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    I had the same problem with burning cd's from WMP. I ended up uninstalling the DVDRW from device manager and rebooting. Windows then refound the DVDRW, reinstalled it and it worked.
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