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I am heading off to America in five days time, but as I have a maestro debit card, and no credit card I'm limited in how to fund my spending over there. At the mmoent I'm going to have to take it all out in traveller's cheques, but it is hard to estimate how much I'm going to need (I'm going for a month). Some kind of card that I could use would be best, but does anyoe know if I can get this sorted in 5 days, and over a weekend?. I've applied for a nnationwide card that would work abroad but it seems to have gotten lost in the post :rollseyes: I'm leaving very early on Wednesday morning.

Anyone got any advice?


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    honest, though a little sarcastic advice, plan in advance a bit better.. i'm going to US in September, and have applied for my nationwide account yesterday..

    secondly, most prepaid cards are about 7 days delivery, so they're out of the question,

    and travellers cheques, they are a bit old fashioned... just nip onto and find a bureaux near you as they are really the best high street rate for $$$ cash..

    as for how much you need, it really depends on where you're going and what you want to spend money on... i take about $1800 for a week in NYC, but i like to splurge on nice meals and copious amounts of beer....

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