can student housing be rented in summer to mature students (losing home v soon!)

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    Student accommodation is often vacant over the summer (people go home for the break, though not sure if exams are over yet?) You often see people advertising spare rooms etc. in shared houses over the summer break: lets them bring in some extra cash while the room's empty, and you can often negotiate a discount (if you're in London, these things are never *that* cheap though). You could also try some student letting agencies.

    It might also be worth looking at rooms in non-student shared houses, although there can then be issues with council tax (students are exempt, others aren't).

    I did have a look and they were £160 per week over the summer which is too expensive for me (plus for the size that they are is just bizarre.. I think B&B's would be cheaper! lol)

    but I've decided to bite the bullet and trying an agency - just paid for refs check and holding fee... hope it works out as the room is empty and would be able to move soon!! I'm hoping my low credit score wont go against me otherwise I lose that money.

    ah... off to have a rest from kicking myself for getting into such a pickle!:o
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    Wiggynut wrote: »
    I've culled a lot already and I need to move soon so i don't think I'll have the time to list the stuff and wait for it too end etc. otherwise I would! plus I'm in a little panic because of the now ex friend (:rolleyes:) so I'm a little frazzled and stress.

    I also plan to keep books I'm not going to read any time soon (i'm using mostly technical manuals at the moment) packed in boxes.. heck, chuck over a nice throw and it's suddenly a little side table! ;)

    I've got some mini exercise stuff gathering dust so I'll put it in the buildings hall with a note on it saying it's free - recycling! if it's not gone by tomorrow I'll have to give it to charity.

    thanks for your suggestions.

    In my experience, tidy house = tidy mind. I suffer with anxiety and insomnia yet feel better in myself when I have a clear out. I am influenced by the dear friend who helped me relocate to Bradford a couple of years ago - despite chucking boxes and boxes of old college work, I still had a mini-van full!! My friend said he liked to own no more than he could cram in the back of a car, so he had the freedom to take up any life opportunity that might arise. Really, if you are looking to rent a room do you really need a 'side table'? :confused: I give my old books to local libraries - fiction to the main one, textbooks to the college.
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    Wiggynut wrote: »
    I'd heard that student places are just for term time and summer renting is somehow seperate? but if it's 12 months duration then that could be helpful

    I've sent an email to my Uni's housing to find out if they have any options that I don't know about.

    thanks for your help

    not sure where you are within the country, but for the previous two summers i've let my room out on unipol as I've been abroad last year and will be going again this summer. For short term lets check out your local gumtree/ unipol/ just type in student lets in (wherever you live) and it will bring up a list of places that rooms are advertised. As for the electric bill, not on my nelly should it be that amount. My old housemate (bear in mind there were 5 of us) had the gas on all, and I mean ALL the time, and the bill came to 600 combined between the 5 of us, it was a reasonable sized house, but that was all the time. This last one weve had has been 300 between the 5 of us, it really shouldn't be that much. If she said its all inclusive, provide her with the cheques on your bank statement/wherever its been transferred/ the cash payments being taken out of your bank and explain you've paid more than enough and will not be paying any more, I would!
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    Wiggynut wrote: »
    I'm just moaning about the breakdown of the relationship (I have no other outlet so to speak!) not wanting advice on that! but it's more about advice on housing for students... ie: other students might have experience of student housing and I'm sure there are others who have been in awkward situations and would like advice from others (I rely on myself but clearly not working well so going elsewhere for others opinion might help clarify things for me).

    it's hard to walk away when needing to find new housing quickly - landlords want references, checks etc which takes time, finding van, packing etc... still takes more than a week realistically - I'm not 18 so I have more than a suitcase and some books or have the option of family to store stuff with in the meantime!


    In this situation i'd suggest gumtree all the way, they have man with the van people, accomodation, the lot and a lot of it now will be immediately
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    Wiggynut wrote: »
    thanks - I had a quick look earlier on the student accommodation for my Uni and they are £160 per week! eek.
    I'll have another search to see if any Uni accommodation can be rented rather just the one's linked to mine.

    where on blooming earth do you live at those prices? Buckingham palace?! :) my rooms just let for 280 all inclusive of bills per month, I wouldn't pay that kind of money ever, at the end of the day its a room with a bed and draws and somewhere to cook
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    where on blooming earth do you live at those prices? Buckingham palace?! :) my rooms just let for 280 all inclusive of bills per month, I wouldn't pay that kind of money ever, at the end of the day its a room with a bed and draws and somewhere to cook

    i was thinking the same! i just got a mailing list spam from someone who is desperate for a co-tenant to fill a spare room in his shared house. It is a four bed terrace in Stepney, 5 minute walk from the QMUL campus on the Mile End Road. The rent is just 55 quid per tenant!

    Who is charging 160 a week, and what do you get for that?!

    I know the LSE do out-of-term lets.. they've got some really nice places on Butlers' Wharf - designer kitchens, balconies, a blowout flatscreen in the lounge, etc... but in the summer the rooms are usually snapped up by fat tourists in bermuda shorts. The rooms were about £25 a night.
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