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new Glow Worm Boiler


Just had a Glow worm boiler fitter Flexicom 18sx, Can anyone tell me what is the best temp to have this set to? I know my water tank should be set to a set temp but what about the actual glowoworm boiler, was set up to 82 degrees celcius but a friend advised me this is way to high.
Also fitter advised me to have my heating on constant but does anyone think its best to keep heating on a timer, only hot water on constant a mo and using about 1 and a half units of gas per day?


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    Your friend is probably thinking 82C is the hot water temperature.

    To have the radiators at 82C is at the top end of the range for most boilers and could cause problems if you have toddlers likely to come into contact with them, but economy wise it depends on the charachteristics of the boiler - ring the manufacturer.

    Your fitter obviously doesn't pay your heating bills if he advises it to be on constant. it should only be on when you need it to be on - why would you have it on at night when you are in bed?
  • The fitter said it costs more to heat the system up twice a day then what it does to keep the water at a constant temp?
    My neighbour lives in the same size house as me and dosent work full time like myself and seems to use just under a unit of gas a day and has water on constant and heating on but thermostat turned to 0 and turns this up if the house gets nippy??? I only have hot water on and mine is using 1.5 units a day and im out from 8.30am - 5.30pm???
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    Good morning: The Heating and Hot Water Council has an excellent website on, you guessed it, heating and hot water;). Check it out. Btw...your boiler stat is too high (contact Glow-worm for the definitive answer) and programme your heating and hot water. Here is a course for your installer.


    Ask to see CIPHE (Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering)
  • Hi Canucklehead,
    Just spoke to Glow worm directly and they have advised to set the actual glow worm boiler to 60 degrees and the temp on the water cylinder to 60 degrees. Aparently having the actual boiler set to over 60 degrees will just eat away at my gas!!!!
    They also said with new systems using a timer should save you more money if your not in during the day, then having the water on constantly.
    Thanks for your help x
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