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Freezing Strawberries

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • JillD_2JillD_2 Forumite
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    10p thats fab! I keep my eyes out in Asda but never see any reduced. Is that reductiona regular thing in Sainsburys at end of day or something ?

    Good to know they freeze ok and last til next year too
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  • skintchickskintchick Forumite
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    I had some strawberries given to me on my wedding day for some reason, and I threw them in the freezer.

    I just defrosted one punnet (I have two) and they are all soggy - clearly they don't freeze well.

    So, what can I do with them? We have eaten some but they are not so nice soggy.

    Can I make milkshake?

    I have a hand-held cake mixer, but no blender, so can't do smoothies or anything like that.

    I don't want to have to bin them as it feels such a waste.

    any ideas?
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  • pretz_2pretz_2 Forumite
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    you could use them in muffins, warmed up with abit of sugar syrup and have over ice cream, maybe in an eton mess or as a crumble

  • TrowTrow Forumite
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    yes, make a milkshake or ice cream or eton mess (mix them with crushed meringue and whipped cream or for a healthier alternative, yogurt).

    I'm sure some more ideas will be along shortly!
  • whitewingwhitewing Forumite
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    Crush them up with a couple of spoonfuls of strawberry jam to bring out the flavour, and make a cheesecake as per GMTV pudding club this morning. (I expect the recipe is on the website).
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  • mags50_2mags50_2 Forumite
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    Trifle? Well, that's what my mum-in-law used to use them for... and they were lovely!:D
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  • skintchickskintchick Forumite
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    THey are not crushable - we had to suck them to eat them! THe skins have gone rubbery and the insides to mush. Don;t think they would work in Eton mess or something like that.

    OH won;t eat cheesecake - he doesn;t like cheese.
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  • champyschampys Forumite
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    Frozen strawberries are still fine for making jam. If you don't have sufficient quantity for jam, just cook them with a little sugar until soft and use to make summer pudding (mixed with other red fruit), or to make strawberry ice cream.
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  • CoD_2CoD_2 Forumite
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    i'd make jam or cook them with a little sugar them crush with a fork or potato masher and make a coulis
  • ceebeebyceebeeby Forumite
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    What about Strawberry Velvet?

    about 2/3 pat of butter & couple of tablespoons of golden syrup, melted in a pan - add half a pack of crushed digestives to make a biscuit base. Put in a bottom-less tin.

    Make up strawberry jelly in a saucepan, shove in your soggy strawberry's for extra flavour, allow to cool but not set. Make up a packet of dream topping (according to instructions). Once dream topping all fluffy, you can add a tub of soft cheese, but if OH hates, leave it out. Mix together your cool jelly, strawberry and dream topping until well blended.

    Pour on top of biscuit base. Shove in fridge until top has set - voila ... one yummy, very delicious cake in about 10 minutes, start to fridge.

    To decorate you can use some fresh whipped cream piped around it, or just some fresh strawbs (i've used tinned ones before) - or just leave it plain.

    Then enjoy enormously ...!
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