MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you give up a £50 train seat for a pregnant woman?

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    Re: people who sit in reserved seats...

    I had an issue a few months back with a man who was sitting in my reserved seat, he was pulling the whole "I was here first" line.

    I told him "you ARE going to be moving. The only choice is whether you move, or I move you."

    He refused.

    I chucked his mobile phone from the table-top down the carraige.

    He moved.

    Lesson learned :-)
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    :A Yes I would. Humanity is more important than money and some inconvenience. You never know the full circumstances that led to the need to travel.

    Yes, I agree with the comments above. The lady may be making an unplanned trip in an emergency, so couldn't book in advance.

    Some posters here have obviously never been heavily pregnant.
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    BYLSW wrote: »
    So if I got on with my walking stick would you give me a seat? I am not obviously disabled as I have what is termed an invisible disability.

    I agree with those who have said that the lady should have booked a seat. Or else got there early enough to find a seat that was not booked.
    have you ever actually got on a train?
    unless you are getting on at the first station you can't arrive early to get a seat everyone gets on at the same time.:p

    I would love some of you nice people to have been on the train the other week when I lugged my 8mth bump onto a packed train full mainly of young people going shopping or the football - the only person to offer me a seat was a very elderly lady who I felt needed it more than me so declined the offer.
    I even got a filthy look from someone as I was blocking the aisle - I'm sorry I can't just remove my sticking out stomach you know and nobody was making room for me to move when you tried to shove past me without even saying so much as 'scuse me :mad:
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    3onitsway wrote: »
    I think Sami is right, as always!
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    I definately would NOT...a pregnant lady - is NOT ill !!!!!!

    I myself used to travel on very long train journeys nearly everyday - many were 8hrs a time.I have also been heavily pregnant in the past - which did not make me ill or insufficent to use my legs to stand.
    The lady choses to be pregnant - just like she chooses not to book in advance.However i do also undersatnd that she may not have had time to book her ticket previously for other reasons.
    I also understand that it is the baby to be protected too- which again becoming a mother starts from pregnacy , so she should stand maybe where it is less busy , i.e near entrance door windows.
    If she really feels that bad - There is always the toilet she can go and sit on for the journey - her nostrils may not be safe - but her baby will.!!!
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  • I have never been pregnant , but last year i was extremely ill which resulted in me looking like i was very heavily pregnant.

    I travelled by train to visit a friend only a short distance 20mins.

    But when i was given a seat to save me standing i was so grateful.

    To carry something that heavy can make you extremrly tired, never mind the need to protect your bump.

    If i was able to i would give my seat to a pregnant lady. I would now be able to comfortably sit on the floor, at the time i would not have managed it or indeed managed to stand for more than probably half an hour.

    I know what it feels like to carry something that heavy around and can empathise with pregnant ladies everywhere who use public transport on a daily basis

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    Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt

    Its alright those saying she should of booked a seat, you never know the circumstances as to why she's on the train, it could of been short notice and all seats were taken etc
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    If EVERYONE behaved like a decent human being, then the lady wouldnt be standing.

    She would be sitting in the seat that SHE booked for herself.

    If you have reserved a seat and find someone sitting in it, then they SHOULD move when you produce your ticket, just like people SHOULD give up their seats to people more in need.

    This thread is about moral obligations, morals seem in short supply these days.

    I would stand. (and then maybe try and find a guard to explain the circumstances and try and get her a seat in 1st class, so I could have mine back. Although I doubt I would be successful.:rolleyes:)
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    What's a train...?
    Try saying "I have under-a-pound in my wallet" and listen to people react!
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    I would probably sell her my seat.

    In fact, given the demand for the seat, I might auction it too everyone standing and make some money from the process.

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    When I was heavily pregnant [I had gone past my due date] I had to have checkups every other day as I was suffering from Odema and raised blood pressure. Normally the mid wives came to me, however this particular check ups was my weekly one at the Dr's. By now I was too big to drive, my feet were so swollen I could only wear flip flops and hubby was at work.

    Luckily we have a bus route right outside the door that stops near my Dr's surgery, unluckily not one of the selfish passengers got up to give me their seat it was only a short journey [5-7 mins] BUT by the time I got to the Dr's I had a seriously high blood pressure and ended up in hospital for complete bed rest.

    I was taught by my parents it is common courtesy to give up your seat for the elderly, disabled, pregnant woman and woman with small children. I am afraid we live in an arrogant selfish society who put 'me' first these days and manners and common courtesy is on the wane.

    Happily my 9lb baby was delivered a few days later
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