100 day challenge take 3

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This is the new thread for the next 100 day challenge which starts today. All you have to do is pledge to give up something for the next 100 days and keep reporting back here for moral support. Everyone is welcome:D Good luck and welcome aboard. 100 days from now is 21 July.

I am giving up buying toiletries, skin care, hair care, washing powder and cleaning products. I'm leaving cosmetics off this one to give myself a break from the torture:o I'll start a list of challengers on this thread.


1. Magni-no toiletries, skin/hair care, washing powder or cleaning products, no cc spends and sticking to weekly cash budget.
2. jinky67 – no buying anything that is not needed
3. Yorkielass - no cosmetics, toiletries or make up
4. Ninno820 - no toiletries and chocolate
5. fedupandskint - No make up purchases, lunchtime food purchases, no tesco treats, QVC, beauty, crisps, chocolate, biscuits or cakes
6. Buffythedebtslayer – no books/dvds,magazines, make up/toiletries or eBay purchases and only home baked cakes.
7. robbo2105 – no jewellery, toiletries and DVDs
8. theladsmum – no buying food at work for lunch
9. Rachel021967 – no cola
10. Penny2myName – no coffees at college and no cakes or biscuits (only home baked)
11. urg123 – no chocolate or toiletries
12. poorandindenial - no toiletries, crisps and chocolate, stuff for the kitchen and cut down storecupboard
13. Shoe Gal – no magazines
14. 2boysmum – no toiletries or cosmetics
15. Wealthyfuture – no cakes or biscuits unless homemade
15. Lucifa73 - no chocolate, crisps or magazines not related to fitness
16. ilovetea – no choccy, junkfood
17. bookaddict - No magazines, food whilst at work,toiletries, cross stitch kits, books,chocolate
18. Needabuckortwo – no coke or clothes
19. Intergalactic Floozie – no make up, beauty products, mags (except Now and Closer)
20. wigwam – no magazines or newspapers, food or drink at work, toiletries/make up, cleaning products
21. wannabethrifty – no money at work for lunch/snacks/coffee's
22. flowerofscotland – no clothes, books, magazines, cosmetics or perfume.
23. Kmac_Edin – no dvds, magazines or shoes.
24. ancientmum – no wine
25. missoptimist – no books, clothes, meals out or cookbooks.
26. racer256 – no
27. AlmighityCorgi – no choccy, clothes, shoes, junk jewellery or hair products.
28. flanno – no clothes, magazines, toiletries.
29. Swinstie73 – no toiletries, magazines or clothes.
30. Annies too – no books, magazines, chocolate, biscuits or cakes (unless home made).
31. henrypm – no cleaning products or toiletries.
32. welshiebee – no bought lunch, junk food or drink at work.
33. Snow White - cosmetics, chocolate, alcohol, coffee, food at work and unnecessary bus journeys
34. puss14 – no cosmetics, haircare, skincare, washing powder, cleaning products (except dishwashing liquid), magazines
35. RXB01 – no alcohol for home consumption, kitchen gagets or books
36. Vixstar – no books, magazines or toiletries
37. miss_keep_counting – no Sweeties, crisps, icecream, cakes, cookies and chocolates, bottles of drink, clothes, no toiletries, magazines, dvds and books
38. true27 – no booze, pizzas/burgers/chinese food, wedding magazines, food at work and coffee!!
39. *Jellie* - no magazines or clothes
40. prudence41 – no toiletries and cosmetics, new clothes, handbags or cards
41. crumpetmonster – no clothes
42. Kerfuffle – no Cosmetics/Perfumes, Magazines/Books,
Cds/Dvds, Clothes/Shoes, Shampoo/Conditioner and either one latte or one earl grey tea per week
43. Raychee – no No crisps, nuts or nibbles, magazines, chocolate, No toiletries unless ABSOLUTELY necessary!
44. Ellerose - no magazines
45. so here we are - no magazines
46. Snowy Owl – no toiletries and no papers or mags (except Sat)
47. ebonylight – no eating out
48. xx_Jo_xx - no toiletries, lotions or potions
49. poorbutrich – no food that isn’t part of my grocery shop, Particularly chocolate, lunchtime spends and the biggy: sushi!, no toiletries and no clothes.
50. determonedtodoit – no toiletries/cosmetics, any food not on my grocery list, lunchtime spends, biscuits/cakes for the children - determined to make my own healthier versions, clothes.
51. kezlou - no bubble bath, cakes, biscuits (only home made), moisturiser, perfume or make up.
52. Kittenkirst - no fizzy pop
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  • Me Me Me!!

    The first time I did really well on the no toiletries front, I did lapse a couple of times the second time but only cos (finally) I ran out of stuff.

    this time I am really looking forward to it!

    I pledge to give up buying books/dvds,magazines and make up/toiletries for myself. I also pledge not to buy anything else on E bay and only to sell!

    And I also pledge to bake cakes instead of buying them.

    he he :beer::beer::beer::beer:
    Good Luck all!
    Nevertheless she persisted.
  • Me please

    Right, so what shall I do???

    1) Toiletries - these have to stay in
    2) Crisps and chocolate (although I can eat what others buy)
    3) Stuff for the kitchen
    4) I need to cut down my storecupboard as it is taking over the world. By the end of the challenge I want to have eaten all my rice, pasta, beans and pulses, flour, seeds and tins and not bought any more
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  • Shoe_Gal
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    Hi everybody :hello:

    Pleas can I join in? No magazines for me! :eek:

    Shoe Gal x
    Sometimes it's hard to walk in a single woman's shoes - that's why we need really special ones!
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  • 2boysmum
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    Hi everyone, can i join? No toiletries or cosmetics for me, still got loads to get rid of
  • magni
    magni Posts: 651 Forumite
    I'm declaring my first day a success:j Actually it was also an NSD. Long may it continue:cool:
    100 Day Pot £13
    £2 coin saver #205 £40 banked and £22
    Weekly Spend
    June NSD 9/10 DFW Nerd 54
  • Ooh, I'm up for this too - it'll be the third 100 day challenge for me. I'm giving up buying cosmetics, chocolate, alcohol, coffee, food at work and unnecessary bus journeys (I can walk instead :rolleyes:). Should be nice and slim and incredibly boring after 100 days :rotfl:
  • Yorkielass
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    Thanks for the new thread Magni and the new challenge :j

    I've finished sorting all my make up, cosmetics and toiletries and have made a big list of everything - I have way too much moisturiser, bath bits and make up!

    I've thrown away about 20 things that had been open far too long to be used/I know I'd never used and have a little pile of new bits I know I won't use and I hope to sell.

    I've already made a good start - finished a pack of facial wipes and a little tube of shampoo from a hotel that had a tiny bit in today :T

    Good luck everyone
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  • Err I only read that we were starting today, today!!!

    Despite going to Tesco, IKEA and Wilkos I haven't failed (I did get shampoo but I actually need that) :T
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    Sealed Pot #389 (2010=£133)
  • Raychee
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    Really enjoyed the last challenge. It made me think about what I was buying - not just the things I put down to avoid, but other things too. I think I'm going to keep my things the same...

    1) No crisps, nuts or nibbles
    2) No magazines (except freebies, and the ones my OH buys when he feels sorry for me... - last challenge, he bought 3)
    3) No chocolate (but I think I have enough to last until August! :D )

    Ok, and to add to my challenge...

    4) No toiletries unless ABSOLUTELY necessary!

    I will have a couple of exceptions to this.

    1) An extremely stressful few days in June, when peanuts may be a necessity (around the time of our adoption approval panel)
    2) Needing to buy a few things to take on holiday (especially magazines, which I then leave with the people we stay with in France...)

    However, I will build these into my budget.

    Here's to another successful 100 days!
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  • fedupandskint
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    Thanks Magni, for restarting the Challenge Take 3 I'm in!

    Challenge to include:

    No make up purchases (only likely to run out of mascara and I am allowing myself to purchase one of these when I am halfway through the next one)

    No lunchtime food purchases when at work

    No visits to Tescos when at work to buy food or treats at lunchtime

    No purchses from QVC or any other shopping TV channel

    No beauty purchases unless I have run out of every single item I have stashed away

    Crisps and chocolate only allowed when on holiday (when Easter egg has been eaten up!)

    Not to buy biscuits or cakes pledge to home bake them

    Finger's crossed for this time and keeping to it!
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