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Bizarre calls from 'my computer maintenance department'

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  • mildred1978mildred1978 Forumite
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    We got one of these yesterday. I played along for a while, sounded very concerned that my computer might be sick etc. couldn't put the phone down fast enough when I asked how a mac running a mac OS and no windows or Microsoft anything could have a windows problem. :rotfl:
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  • Only_IOnly_I Forumite
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    I've had two of these calls, the first one I got told to stop wasting THEIR time by asking them to tell ME what serial number I was "supposed" to have on my screen - I played them along telling them I was pressing the buttons they wanted!

    The second went as follows:
    International Number: I'm ringing from the Maintenance department
    Me: Right?!
    I.N: It's about your Windows System it has some fatal errors and serious viruses that I need to remove!
    Me: Right!
    I.N:So, If you can just follow my instructions and do as I say, I'll sort it.
    Me: Right!
    I.N: So can you do this for me?
    Me: Yeah, sure (sarastically)! But first can you tell me what Windows system I use?!!
    I.N:It's Windows system!
    Me: Yeah, but which one?
    I.N: Windows system.
    Me: Yeah, but there's more than one. So which one?
    I.N: XP?
    Me: Nope, so try again, what's the IP address on my PC?
    I.N: Sorry?!
    Me: You claim my PC has a virus, but you've just rang a random number, you don't know anything about my PC, you've just rang a number in the hope to hack my PC.
    I.N: If we wanted to hack you we would of by now!
    Me: OK. So what's your name the name of your company and your telephone number?
    I.N: Why do you want know that do you want to marry me or something?!
    Me: Haha, no!! But if you were genuine you'd give me these details.
    I.N: We're Victoria London.
    Me: That a place not a name!
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    DecryptorDecryptor Forumite
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    I just received a Cold-Call from the CMD; which went as follows:
    "Hello, Mr S···, this is your computer maintenance department, how are you today?" — (It's actually 15.45BST, when he calls)
    Me: 'Well, I don't really want to talk to you now, thanks'

    CMD: "Oh, right, then I don't want to speak to you, go on 'F-Off'."

    And yes, the really sad bit is, that going by the accent, this boy was a foreigner; telling, me, in my country, as if I didn't feel alientated enough from it as it stands with all the bureacracy, telling me to 'F'-off'.

    And the line was a very good one, crystal-clear, with no satellite delay; so he wasn't in Bombay or Mumbai or Kazakhstan or the other Cliches, - no he was almost certainly closer-at-hand, - most likely in the UK.

    Now, I found that insulting.

    And of course he's blocked Caller ID, so I don't see a number displayed, and I'm near damned sure this parasitic type was 'working' that's ""working""- from home, as when I picked up the phone I could hear him turn down the music on some system. No other voices. Just this foreigner, telling me to 'F-off'.

    Well there you have it, a decent reason for controlling immigration. And to think, I didn't used to feel this way - quite the opposite. And my blunted, dulled instincts tell me that 'I'm probably not alone' in this sentiment.
    — But this guy's behaviour just went a liitle-ways further into concreting my dislike of 'open-borders'.

    But there's clearly another more 'sinister' take - from most peoples' viewpoint about this:
    — Clearly these boys: """Working From Home""" aren't getting rich by it.
    So what's their purpose in life: Are they saving voice transcripts? Well you can sell data, you can sell false ID, some cold-callers are involved with selling on false 'credit-scores' (PP Loans - whatnot);- my point being: maybe they can sell voice transcripts/models? Seems a bit unlikely I know, but honestly, otherwise, what is their purpose apart from Going Stark-Raving-Bonkers as they confront incredulous recipients with their total ignorance and lack of knowledge viz anything technical.

    I've never got further in than about 20 seconds with one of these. I must have had a hundred or so in the last 2 years: I just hang-up. When I'm not Being COLD to the Cold-Callers, this is what Happens, when I engage them: I'm told to 'F-off'.

    To coin a phrase from those great 'down-the-line' BBC Radio pranksters:
    "What is Point? ... What is point? Yes, but what is point?"

    Any thoughts people?
  • macman wrote: »
    So he knows your name? Which he got from the phone book, or the electoral roll...
    So he knows you are running Windows OS? So are 90% of the world's home computer owners...
    Try asking him which version of Windows and he'll struggle with that though.

    I just had a call like that, basically I said "I have many computers, in fact I am a computer technician myself, so I know what I am talking about and if anything has gone wrong....." he says "please turn on your windows computer" I say "yes, which one, if you give me an IP Address or a serial number I can turn it on" he says "errr........" and slams the phone down on me.

    I am positive that he was trying to scam me
  • Just had a call from some guy with a foreign accent I could barely understand claiming to be from the 'Computer Maintenance Department' telling me there are serious problems with my Windows PC that they can fix for me. I knew it was obviously/probably a scam but i played along for a while. Here's what he tried to get me to do. If you dont read all this, please at least scroll to the bottom as I have a question...

    I did not do any of this but pretended I was. He asked me to hit windows button & R to open the Run box. Then type CMD and hit OK. He said a black box would open showing my username with a flashing cursor beside it. He told me to type ASSOC and hit Enter. This would display the ID of my computer. He then read what he said was my computer ID to me, asking if it matched the one displayed on my screen. I told him that I was unable to understand him very well and could not say for sure that the ID he read out matched the one displayed, however I would just assume it did match.

    He then said to close the Black Box I had been typing in and go back to the Run box. He said he was going to put me through to their Technical Department but before this he asked me to type a really long code/web address into the run box. I had real difficuly understanding him and had to ask him to repeat himself several times but the number was something like this... I am no expert but even i figured this was to gain remote access to my PC. He confirmed that this would allow their Technical Dept to access my computer so they could fix my problems. I asked him 'why would I want you to access my computer?' he said so we can fix your very serious problems. I told him again that my computer had no problems. I told him to please remove my phone number from their database and if I received any further calls from them I would travel to India, find him and make sure that he would be unable to speak to anyone ever again. I hung up.

    My question is this, if the number he read out which he claimed was my computer ID, is my computer ID, then can he use this to do anything with my computer?

    Thanks for any answer.
  • WTFHWTFH Forumite
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    As long as you did not install anything or allow him access to your machine then no, he can't do anything with your computer ID.

    If you are ever unsure about these calls, rather than playing along, just hang up.
    1. Have you tried to Google the answer?
    2. If you were in the other person's shoes, how would you react?
    3. Do you want a quick answer or better understanding?
  • WTFH wrote: »
    As long as you did not install anything or allow him access to your machine then no, he can't do anything with your computer ID.

    If you are ever unsure about these calls, rather than playing along, just hang up.

    Thanks WTFH. No I didn't install anything or allow him access.
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