MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Rod let little Jane go to Freddie’s unaffordable party?



  • aloiseb
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    As I've never heard of a cinema taking a block booking for a children's party, i reckon Fred will have to pay for that on the day,- so maybe jane's parent's could tell Fred htey have some gift vouchers for the cinema which are about to run out and maybe he could help out by using them up? (then go to the cinema and buy the gift vouchers.....)
    mind you, everybody usually thinks I'm mad...
  • Yes she should go but instead of a oresent give a card with money in, if times are that hard the father would still get the cash!
  • I would let her go to the party as previously discussed as it is probably already paid for and I would put money in the card and send Jane with her own money for "extra's"
  • dbfisokay
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    If Freddie is having a party then yes. I would consider enquiring politely and discretely if a contribution to the overall cost would be welcome, however choosing not to let Jane go to the party because of my own personal concerns would not be particularly moral. It would result in Jane missing out on a class event and the class missing out on Jane's involvement.

    The onus is upon Freddie's father to either cancel or reformat the party into an affordable structure. If word got back to him that Jane was deprived of her attendance because of his business problems it might make him feel worse, so apart from a discrete enquiry I would follow through on the plans, however would remind Jane that this party is not a right but a privilege and she should be sure to thank Freddie and his father for her invite.
  • Aldahbra
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    My original thought was not to let the child go to the party. But having read the posts I agree. It is not my decision as to whether the party should go ahead or not. It may be far more insulting for the other family if people started dropping out now. This is a moral dilema Freddies family.

    I would act as if I assumed that we would pay for our child and insist on at least paying for the cinema. I would act offended if they tried not to take our money.
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    I would let Jane go, it's not up to me to judge someone else's financial situation. If the party is going ahead, then it'd be offensive to pull out because of what I've heard about the dad's business. It's up to them to cancel it if needs be.

    The one thing I might do is think carefully about the present, and perhaps get something practical like vouchers for a kids clothes shop
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  • You could buy the parents a gift too? That might be better than trying to give them money?
  • Susan_Frost
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    Yes, do everything as normal.

    The guy may be finding life hard, but the last thing he would want is his daughter to suffer. We still do the best by our kids, especially if promised.

    Economies can be made from now on. Future parties may be a less pricey affair.
  • Definately let Jane go, its not the kids fault that the dad's lost his business and kids at that age don't usually understand about money do they so why penalise them?

    Depending on the restaurant I'd consider calling them and asking them to set up a tab for say a tenner to use towards drinks or even buying a gift voucher for Jane to use on herself and Freddie thereby relieveing some of the financial pressure on Freddie's dad.

    just a thought.
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  • I would definately send my daughter to the party. I would see the lads father and suggest he really splurges out big style and pays for it all on credit card. If his business has gone under it is highly likely he is now in very serious debt. Go have a good time and treat the children like there is no tomorrow. When he declares himself bankrupt the receivers cannot take away the parties that will be owed to his son by the other children so at least the next years worth of parties are secure. Who loses? The credit card companies.
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