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April 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hi, Quick update been to Mr A. for a top up shop, mainly stuff for packs. Anyhoo now have £11-21 left till 3oth. Also have shopping delivery coming on 30th, but will take out of Mays budget. I wanted free delivery and would have had no meals in to wait till following tues. May just make it as a few meals in freezer, plus quiches to make. But not going to be too bothered if I'm £10 or so over. ;) .
    Grocery challenge june £300/ £211-50.
    Grocery challenge july £300/£134-85.
  • greentgreent Forumite
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    Hello all!!!

    I haven't posted this month. What with Easter hols and 5 days at Centre Parcs (included food shopping/ snacks bought there, but not proper meals out (2) at restaurants there) and a 9th birthday to cater for I am seriously close to budget - eek! My month ends at month end too - so still another week to go. Argh!!!

    I have less than £30 to manage. I have just had a large tesco delivery (nice man carried it into kitchen onto table for me - took one look at my 8month pregnant bump!!) I will need bread & milk before month end, and probably ham - and weekend papers (I don't like including them, cos that's £3 a week, but I normally do, so shall keep on doing so) and maybe some more f&v.... With a bit of careful planning I may just make it - providing I haven't forgotten anything! Think I need to meal plan for the next week!! I am also trying to persuade hubby to eat stuff out of freezer, cos we have a lot of '1 portions' of things and I'd like to have a clear out & then a cook-a-thon before this baby arrives (due in under 4 weeks!)

    I know why I'm so tight to budget this month (and last) - I haven't meal planned, I have no stock inventories at the mo (last done several months ago) and I have not been keeping a running track of spends (I've added up this months spends yesterday & today) - all of which are NOT helpful!!

    ah well - shan't beat myself up too much - I could still make it :D

    have started some cut and come lettuces off. Am not planning many vegggies this year - too tired to dig too much and expect to be quite busy with new babe over summer!!

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  • JulimkJulimk Forumite
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    £120 for May please.

    Pay day today & have already spent £56.76 on the big main shop of the month, to restock the store cupboard & get essentials like loo roll.

    I’m actually really pleased with today’s shop, as I got loads for the money & spend less than half the budget. TBH this month should not be too expensive, as there is loads of stuff in the freezers still – probably enough for the month baring fresh f&v and milk.

    Will probably also need some bits for pack-ups, but it is a bit of a balancing act between getting in what I know we will need against the fact that DD will scoff it all in the first week if she knows it’s there! :rolleyes:
  • HollysanHollysan Forumite
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    I had a £20 Tesco voucher from buying car insurance online, so I used that this week. I have also had three NSDs! (I have been busy working to catch up after the Easter holidays) Even so, amazed that we are still under budget with a week to go. Not sure why. I would like to think that having given up employed work to work at home, self-employed, I have been super-organized and very money-saving, but not sure if that's true!:rotfl:

    More likely just luck. On the downside, because I have been working a lot, I have not been out in this lovely weather at all and the veg garden is well behind schedule. And now I learn it's going to rain all weekend! Oh well, I will take the radio into the greenhouse, pretend I can't hear the kids, the dog etc, and do some seed sowing.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

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  • *sigh* i have been rubbish this way over budget at around £70. I don't know how I manage it cos all I buy is vegetables!

    anyway there's always may I suppose!
    August grocery challenge: £50
    Spent so far: £37.40 :A
  • Anitaj73Anitaj73 Forumite
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    Well hellooo there my long lost friends, boy have i been away from the GC for a long time lol.....and yes its allgone to pot, all the hard work and organisation has disappeared over the months so i think its time to get bac into it. I will re start in may and go from the 1st to the end of the month as i have my little green GC book to hand again. I think i will start my may budget at £350 please and try my best.
    I hope everyone is well and i have missed all the great support that you get on here. From reading bac a bit over this month i see lots more recipes to try woohoo i need to get bac into cooking from scratch too so the recipes will be a great help :)

    Ok time to go get me breadmaker out of the cupboard and dust it down again, speak soon :)

    Anita xxxxx
    May GC £350/ spent so far

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    Just caught up with this thread, having only visited it once (briefly) just after the weekend outage we had for upgrade :o I'm really busy at home at the moment (trying to have a major declutter so I can clear rooms out to get floor coverings changed and some painting done), so have been neglecting a number of threads on various forums!!!

    I've been a really bad girl this month in that I've not been updating my accounts spreadsheet on a regular basis -- first update for this month was yesterday!! Have realised I'm missing one receipt from 13th (but have recorded the 3 items I remember buying in that trip, which I think covers more than half the bill - so shouldn't be out by more than £2-3 I hope), but all-in-all I've still spent more than I thought despite being well under budget :eek:

    I set my target for the month at £138.10, but my elder DS then announced he was going away with friends for 5 days - which means I should adjust it downwards to £125.60. Given my cumulative total for the year at the end of March was an overspend of £9.79, this really means that to be 'back in the black' by the end of April I need to spend no more than £115.81 this month.

    As things stand at the moment I'm on a spend of £91.88 - so including today I have £23.93 to last me 7 days, which should be more than do-able :T And I've got loads of snack bars and dried fruit in stock for the next couple of months (thanks to App Foods, which accounts for £35.83 of my food spend - I take the postage out of a different budget!)

    The Whoopsie side of things is looking impressive this month - but this is down to App Foods (£35.83 spend equates to £240.67 value) and the closure of our local S'flds (leading to a total stock clearance). I'm now hoping that I have almost everything I need until it re-opens as Mr M in the middle of July in stock (bar milk, bread and a few bits of meat like mince and sausages), so am keeping my fingers crossed for a lower spend in May. Will probably need more in the way of meat in June, but still want to base as much as possible around store-cupboard ingredients - especially as my de-clutter keeps turning up bags and boxes of tins and jars I'd forgotten I had :rolleyes:

    Having caught up, it sounds like a lot of people are struggling this month - mainly because of the Easter holidays. For me the holidays mean lowering my budget, as I only look after (and feed) my GDs during school term time - so I guess I'm lucky on that one. DS doesn't seem to eat much differently whether he's home or at college though :confused: The Easter Eggs I bought (£1 each from Mr A - three larger ones with ceramic mugs, and two small boxes of small eggs with plastic mugs) came from a seperate present budget - so they've not impacted me on the GC either.... though I hadn't allowed for them in my presents budget either, so have had to do some minor (but careful) rejigging of my 'live on [strike]£4k[/strike] £8k' budget as a whole :o

    Rising prices certainly aren't helping any of us -- and I too thought about the steady increases in value label prices when I saw the news about the Mr T profit declaration :mad: Like Nyk, I think I've downshifted as far as possible with my labels already - there are a few bits I don't/won't drop though, either 'cos we really don't like the cheapest/cheaper ones or on ethical grounds (I use 'green' products for cleaning as much as possible - though I have found a couple of boxes full of older stock that isn't that will still get used)
  • *sigh* i have been rubbish this way over budget at around £70. I don't know how I manage it cos all I buy is vegetables!

    anyway there's always may I suppose!

    Ah! Don't be too hard on yourself, as the price of food no matter what it is (well maybe odd offer on junk food!), is going up and up. I'm hoping as summer comes and more produce in local market, greengrocer then so I will have more choice and some better offers.:D
    Grocery challenge june £300/ £211-50.
    Grocery challenge july £300/£134-85.
  • cheerfulness4cheerfulness4 Forumite
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    Declaring for APRIL £187.74 off my yearly total of £1,400.

    So much for a 'light' month and not much to show in my freezers/pantry. :o
    Oh well, new start today. :T
  • russetredrussetred Forumite
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    I've been totting up my spends and I think I should have had a 5 week month not 4 with my month ending on 3oth.I'm over by £10.42 which isn't bad but I hate it if i cant put money in the piggy.May will def be 5 week so £425 when the time comes mrs m thanks.Have a good weekend everyone.
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