making HOT radiators babysafe ???

I really hope someone can help.

I have a 7 month old son who is crawling all over. The problem is we have radiators that are VERY HOT to touch when on. We have 6 in total.
I need some ideas/advice on how to make them safer, preferably for not much money.

I ahve seen radiator covers but they were £40+ and to do the whole flat would be ridiculously expensive.

Please, PLease, Please help me !!!

need to baby proof asap !


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    most boilers have thermostats. turn it down.

    The side effect is the hot water and rooms may take longer to heat up.
  • It very much depends on how image conscious you are... :confused:
    We bought a special quilt cover for radiator at a baby show, which cost circa £17. However on closer examination it is basically just a duvet type thing with buttons to keep it tight.
    On our son's room we currently just have an old duvet put over it. Preferably just a summer weight type one though, otherwise all heat is blocked.
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    Try turning your boiler thermostat down. The radiators will run cooler, but the hot water will take longer to reheat.
  • Buy some cheap radiator covers from any good DIY shop and it will improve your home and protect your baby at the same time!

    We are talking about a baby here! Not talking about turning the heat down! A baby can still burn his hands on warm radiators as his skin is more sensitive than ours.
    I'm not poor i'm just skint
  • but where can i get cheap radiator covers as will need 6 ???
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    Surely you wont need 6 as baby wont be crawling in every room ?
  • You should only really need them in the lounge or his bedroom, these are the only places my buba crawls
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    Try you local DIY store, DIY as in local shop not B&Q and homebase, or buy one cover and get some sheets of MDF trace out the design and get hubby / dad to make you some more.
    If it doesnt pay rent sell it.
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  • B & Q sell small medium and large radiator covers so it depends on the size of you radiators.
    Install them in the rooms that you use the most! Your baby’s safety is more important than a few extra pounds.
    I jumped down onto an electric fire back in 1974 and burnt all the skin off the bottom of my feet, and I was in hospital for over six months!
    Safety is very important and most accidents happen in the home and that’s true in my house!
    I'm not poor i'm just skint
  • I never had to put anything over my rads...we made a point of being with them and telling them they'd be hot until they got the message.
    The kids quickly learnt that the gas fire and the rads would be hot...they would point this out to us and stay clear from them...maybe we have been lucky in that our kids have learnt not to touch.
    We did make sure though, that they could not become trapped next to the fire or radiator.

    rob :D
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