Fuel Price DROP 79.9p / Litre

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Well, gawd bless Mr Morrison whom has prevoked fuel price havock......

Unleaded is priced at 79.9


Diesel is priced @ 83.8 "Sainsbury's"

Let's hope JET follow suit sharpish as im running low!!


  • VickyA_2VickyA_2 Forumite
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    Our local Tesco is 82.9, but the Tesco closest to my college is 81.9. Oh happy day................
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  • 79.9 at my local Sainsbury's today.
    AND you get a voucher for 5p off per litre if you spend over £50 on your shopping, so even better :)
  • vansboyvansboy Forumite
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    But they have INCREASED the 11p tins of beans to 15p!!

    Thank Mr Sainsbury for that one!!

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    Shell filling station near me has dropped to 79.9p per litre :)
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  • great... just great !!!

    no Morrisons or Shell near me >:( just BP or Asda - which seems to go through like a dodgy curry
  • Tony_H_3Tony_H_3 Forumite
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    I would rather walk than use BP fuels!! :-/
  • Good news that prices are dropping even if it is only a temporary reprieve. I was a big fan of AApetrolbusters.com which gave all prices within a picked radius of your post code. It has been dropped by the AA as too expensive. Anyone know of a similar web site still working?
  • To be honest Tony i use the BP more than any others near me, sometimes they're a penny or 2 more expensive but 99% they're cheap enough... plus it's on my way to work
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    The BP on MY way to work is STILL charging 85.9p for unleaded - the same rip-off price as a month ago.

    I don't know wth they think they are doing - other BPs in the area have already dropped to 81.9p.
  • Money_Man_SteveMoney_Man_Steve Forumite
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    I found another website that offers a similar service to Petrolbusters, although it's not as good (and it's not free).

    https://www.petrol-prices.co.uk claim to tell you where the cheapest petrol is within 10km (6 miles) of your chosen area every Friday, by text message.

    The drawback is you have to register on a premium-rate £1.50 per minute phone number. It reckons the average call would be 2.5mins, or £3.75. For that you get a Friday alert for 16 weeks, so the cost works out at about 23.4p per alert. The website says that the maximum cost to call and register is £5 (about 31.3p per alert).

    I reckon if your car has an average 7.5 to 10-gallon tank (appx 34 - 44 litres) you'd have to fill up from empty at least once a week AND save 1p per litre to be sure of saving money using this site. If you only fill up from empty every two weeks, you'd need to save 2p per litre, etc. This doesn't take into account the cost of travelling further to get cheaper petrol though!

    No idea if they also give premium unleaded or diesel prices, but have sent them an email to ask. Also have not tried the service, but I'm interested to hear if it's any good. Maybe Martin can arrange a discount on the subscription cost for us?!

    Money Man Steve

    PS This is my first post here - hope it's of some use!
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