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  • Wordsmith
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    Hello, Wyebird. Course it counts. Welcome. That's so admirable, leaving a steady job to do the work you really want to do. Good luck with the training. The world is very qualification oriented these days, but if you are freelancing rather than applying for PAYE jobs, it is often what you can show you can do rather than what bits of paper you have that will get you the work. Database development is good, too, as it's quite a niche market. Is that databases for web sites, or for business application? Hope your OH's job goes well and that he (I am making assumptions) is doing a job that he likes rather than one he felt he ought to take because of the income.
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  • Wordsmith
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    I'm saying hello for tomorrow this evening as I have an early start and with the best will in the world will never get to my computer before leaving. I am working in the shop tomorrow - Wednesday's not my usual day but the other lady is expecting a day-after-Paddy's-Day hangover so I said I would do her hours. I have to be up early in order to walk the hound and get to the shop to open up for 8 o'clock. I love opening up - waking the shop up, sorting out the papers, arguing with the twit who delivers the milk, seeing all the regular customers, having a bowl of Weetabix while I flick through the paper (woe betide any customer who ventures in during my brekkie:rolleyes:).

    I finish at 3.30 and then have to dash 12 miles to the nearest town to pick up toner cartridges for my colour printer - that's €150 spent, plus some envelopes. Worked frantically all Monday to get a newsletter out for a client - then one of the toner cartridges ran out and the printer won't work if there's an empty one. Really annoying as I hardly ever use colour and there's no way the yellow could have run out without it being faulty. Couldn't do anything about it today as it's a public holiday, and won't get the newsletters out tomorrow as I won't get back in time. Black and white printer has stopped working in sympathy, so couldn't finish off the flyers either. All in all a bit of a disaster. So, tomorrow evening, have to finish the newsletter, and finish some proofreading that was also due out early this week. Hope everyone else's day goes well. Enjoy your filing, BlondeHeadOn :wink:.
    "Green pastures are before me,
    Which yet I have not seen;"
    I'd love to be a good example - instead, I am a horrible warning.
  • Horace
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    Hi to everyone

    I am feeling really tired today, I didnt sleep that well because I had thoughts racing through my head like a train all night (maybe the strawberry beer had something to do with that:rolleyes: ). I went to an auction yesterday because they had the contents of a wedding shop to dispose of so I went along thinking that I may pick up some tiaras (no such luck) but I espied 3 largish boxes that claimed to contain petticoats, veils etc (now I was thinking the etc would be tiaras). Items in the sale were going for silly prices as none of them had reserves on - even a flatscreen tv which was working went for £10:eek: and 4 top hats went for a fiver:eek: so I was thinking that I may have been onto a good thing. So I waited for the first box that I had my eye on to come up and the bidding started at £10 (my bid) then it went up and eventually I won the box for £18 and then auctioneer asks if I wanted to bid for all three boxes and I said yes, so he let me have them for £18 each:j You could hear people grumbling :rotfl: I went to pay and ended up paying a little bit of VAT and commission which was 3% and so I spent £71.43:D which was a little over the limit I had set myself of £50 (I had forgotten about the commission:rolleyes: ). We couldnt fit all the boxes in the car so two had to be emptied out and the items stuffed in the boot.

    All the items are in my lounge, I can barely move for stuff. I didnt find any tiaras but I found 4 designer gowns some of them worth £2K, various beaded bodices (average price £250), wraps (several ranging in price from £65 to £25), lace coats, skirts, petticoats, veils, trains and bolero jackets - the value I have worked out is around £15500:j Now I need to sell the things - trouble is they are too good for ebay:rolleyes:

    Well I suppose I had better go and chat some folks that I know whom have wedding shops and see if they will buy them from me and I need to find a decent drycleaner as one dress (it would be white too) has an oily mark on the front:rolleyes:

    Bye for now, I am off to get some acid-free tissue paper.
  • Seaxwyn
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    Hello Wordsmith and everyone! I'm another freelance writer/editor working from home and, guess what, I also work in the corner shop now and then.

    I've been freelance for 12 years and have been reasonably successful getting work. I worry terribly about it drying up though.

    We've got huge debts, partly because I never manage to save for the twice-yearly tax bills and partly because we extnded our house in 2005. My partner is a freelance artist, currently doing freelance teaching at an art school, and his income has been a lot less reliable than mine over the past decade.

    Anyway... my biggest problem is procrastination and not getting my work done fast enough. I find the internet a huge distraction.

    I have four articles to finish this morning then nothing til more work arrives on Monday. So if I finish the rticles today, I can spend tomorrow and Friday helping my parents clear their loft and garage (they are selling their house) and cream off a large amount of booty/junk to ebay/Amazon/carboot.

    It's great to have a mutual support thread, I look forward to getting to know you all better.

    Horace that is a fantastic haul - £15k worth of goods for £71!!!!! Go you!
    Total debt: 1 January 2007 £[strike]49,387.79[/strike] 1 January 2012 £[STRIKE]19,312.85[/STRIKE] 1 August 2012 £11,517.62

  • BlondeHeadOn
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    Wordsmith wrote: »
    Welcome, BlondeHeadOn. Sorry to hear your work has been a bit thin on the ground the last few months. Is it seasonal and so likely to pick up again, or is the lull a "sign of the times"?

    Not seasonal, more a sign of the times I'm afraid. I still have (a little bit of)public sector work though - NHS, academic and the like, it's the (better-paying) private sector work that has fallen off a cliff this year. It may pick up, but I have the impression that a lot of companies have put a hold on consultancy-type work at the moment until they understand where the economy is going.

    I'm better placed than many though, as I do have a few public sector contracts too.

    I also still have the pile of filing to do......


    By the way Horace, fab news on the bargain buys front - well done you!!
  • downshifter
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    Hello all, and thank you to Wordsmith for starting this thread. When I became self-employed a couple of years ago I looked everywhere for some sort of sharing caring self-help forum for people like myself. I found a couple but they all seemed to be much more high-flying than me, and those in my professional area were a bit precious about sharing info - presumably in case I took work away from them - which was a shame as I felt that there would be real added benefits to customers if a couple of us shared our experience and skills on contracts. Anyway I now have freelance work in my professional field which pays me £450 a month although I'd gladly move out of it if I can as I'm really not keen on the people, and guess what, also have a 6 hr per week job in a local shop!!! So some sort of steady income anyway but not enough. I do odd bits of babysitting, casual learning mentor work with people with disabilities for the council, some voluntary stuff and odd bits for the Dept of Health - a previous 'real' job was with the NHS. This is apparently known as 'portfolio working' and I believe I'm mistress of all of it. However my main skill is faffing about and I have a masters degree in pottering!

    As far as debts are concerned I had masses when my husband and I separated 9 yrs ago but until around 4 pm yesterday had been pretty clear for 6 months or so. Yesterday within the space of 15 mins I was clobbered for 2 unexpected bills, one car and one heating oil, both essentials so am now £450 down. Once it starts it's very hard to claw back up again.

    I live in the middle of nowhere with a dog (and 2 cats and 3 chickens) aiming to be as self-sufficient as possible. I also can't get broadband where I live, though I'm very used to dialup speeds. It just annoys me that the phone is tied up. I have mobile broadband for when I'm out and about with the laptop, but it only works at home if I hang precariously out of the window and dangle it on the tv aerial. So I also work from a rented office about 4 miles away. Crazy!! The shop has given me a social life and I also contribute to the shop lottery syndicate so who knows.....

    On the whole though I'm happy scrambling along from month to month, my children are no longer dependent and as long as I have food for the animals and enough for the rent, I can live on baked beans - I need to lose weight anyway! It's always going to be better than the 9-5 career bandwagon. I've just come back from a walk up in the woods looking at the stunning view and feel so very grateful to have this freedom.

    Oh no, wot a lot I rote, really sorry to take up your time, but it sounds as though allowing distractions is something we're all good at. I look forward to seeing how this thread develops and if I can help any way I'd be happy to even if it's just to send out an occasional pm to shout at you to get on with it and no, you don't need another coffee!

    Have fun

  • wyebird
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    Wordsmith wrote: »
    Hello, Wyebird. Course it counts. Welcome. That's so admirable, leaving a steady job to do the work you really want to do. Good luck with the training. The world is very qualification oriented these days, but if you are freelancing rather than applying for PAYE jobs, it is often what you can show you can do rather than what bits of paper you have that will get you the work. Database development is good, too, as it's quite a niche market. Is that databases for web sites, or for business application? Hope your OH's job goes well and that he (I am making assumptions) is doing a job that he likes rather than one he felt he ought to take because of the income.
    Thanks Wordsmith. Yes, he got the job after quite a bit of CV distribution, wasn't advertised, but his CV made them think that they could do with someone like him :D . Seems to be going well, but you can't really count on anything these days!
    The databases we do are primarily for benchmarking for local govt. Exciting stuff lol. Website stuff is more fun, but there is so much I realise that I don't know. Would love to go back to uni now rather than late 80s when I was there and learn properly. Until then it's OU and the odd course, but I am a lazy sod, who leaves everything to the last minute so don't do distance learning too well! I am the one submitting my tax return on line 31st Jan 11.30pm and hoping it will go through before midnight :eek:

    Anyway, nice to meet everyone, and well done Horace. Well impressed by that!
  • Wordsmith
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    Hello, everyone. Welcome Seaxwyn and Downshifter.

    Horace. Wow. Result! Have you thought about your own website where you can advertise your services and sell second-hand stuff and your friend's cards, etc?

    Seaxwyn, I was in England last week helping my parents sort their stuff ready for moving into residential care. Going through my Dad's office was fun/a nightmare/stressful. He is nearly blind so I was telling him what each and every bit of paper was so that he could decide whether it should be kept. Nearly every conversation went along the lines of: "This is a computer catalogue from 2004. THIS IS A COMPUTER CATALOGUE FROM 2004." [He's rather deaf as well as nearly blind:D ] He'd say, "Can I have a look?" I'd pass it to him, he'd turn it over a couple of times and say, "I can't really see this. What is it?" Then I'd have to persuade him that he didn't need a catalogue from 2004. Funny, though, whenever I tried slipping an advertising flyer or something really unimportant into the recycling box, he'd see and ask what it was! I also had to persuade him that it was no longer necessary to keep the contents insurance documents from 1984 from a house he no longer lives in. And that it was not necessary to take three bicycle pumps to the care home, just the one would do. (You may wonder why he wants even one - it's to pump up the tyres on his wheelchair.) As for the sandpaper ...

    Anyway, I have to go back in a couple of weeks to finish clearing the house out. I was going to have a massive ebay sale, but that isn't going to be possible because of the timing of it all. I'll try to do a house contents sale to people passing on the street, but will probably have to pay someone to take the rest.

    As for tax bills ... I don't think I can confess everything on such short acquaintance. :o

    Downshifter, you sound like you are content with your life. I used to have two cats, a flock of chickens, a goose called Godfrey, rabbits and guinea pigs. The rabbits and guineas have since died, and I have now found homes for the chickens and goose. I was going to bring Godfrey to Ireland with me, but the thought of driving all that way with him in the car has not filled me with joy and anticipation. He's going to live with a good friend of mine, so I know he will be OK and I will visit. The cats were originally going to come with me, but my neighbour grew very attached to one of them and I couldn't have it on my conscience that I wrestled him away, so he is living in pampered luxury and I visit and pay the vet's bills. The other cat was always a bit wild and more than a little deranged, and I wasn't sure she'd make the journey, so she has also stayed. I miss them all, and when I can build a pine-marten-proof house will get more chooks and geese.

    Shop was OK today. Boss late back so I left late - but he did go via the computer shop and brought me my toner cartridges. Was writing this as I carried on printing, but then one of the other cartridges ran out and the printer won't work without them all. :mad: So now going to be even later with the newsletter. It has been the first time I have used this printer in earnest so I wasn't really prepared for it being such a swine. Am going to lose on this job - a lesson for the future, but stomach is twisting now with how I'm going to get it finished.

    Also got a bill today for over a thousand pounds for some work I needed on the roof of my house that I am letting out. I knew the work was going to be done but was told it wouldn't be for a couple of months.

    All in all, not a very good debt clearing day - by far one of the worst debt adding days for quite a while. On the upside, I did find 42 cents in the street. :rolleyes:

    So, BlondeHeadOn, filing tomorrow?

    Hugely long post. Sorry. I'd like to say I normally don't waffle so much ...
    "Green pastures are before me,
    Which yet I have not seen;"
    I'd love to be a good example - instead, I am a horrible warning.
  • kelie
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    Thanks for your kind words :) I need to give myself time to think but my OH keeps reminding me that I haven't worked for ages (even though he is unemployed and living off me!!)

    I didn't get anything done today apart from deliver 2 avon orders (I am doing that on the side, every little helps but it is so different to my web design work). I got up this morning and me and my mum had to go get a bette midler CD to play at my dads funeral. We managed to find it in HMV mum got it. Only problem is I went into M&S and hit the food hall. Only £11 ish, which is actually rather good for me usually I spend a fortune in there. I know I can't afford it and I do shop in Lidls as well, but sometimes its nice to get a few bits from there that are really yummy.

    Came back home, then sat for 2 hours with my sister re-writing the Uleogy (not sure how u spell it) for my dad. Dropped the OH at a mates house and have been sitting on the sofa on my netbook ever since, trying to sort things out but have a terrible migraine so I haven't done any work. Must admit spent far too long reading threads on here. I keep bursting into tears. I wish I could say it was all because of dad, but its not. It's the whole money situation, the fact that I gave up a really good guy for this new one, thinking I wanted a bit of fun when actually the new guy has been nothing but trouble. He doesn't respect me, but I fell in love with him and now I am really upset. My mum is set to have some financial difficulties soon without Dads pension. My sister is getting a divorce and I'm really frightened i';m going to lose my house (I had 30k deposit in my share).
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    Current Account Balance:

  • Horace
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    Wordsmith - I have a website already advertising my services as a wedding planner but I also organise events. God, look at the time, I have been up since 3am when the girls in the flat decided they were getting up for work - why one of them has to just drop things on the floor I don't know, all floors are laminate and they have no rugs so to me it sounds as though a bomb is going off:mad: I got up and have sent a few emails and done some work. I have managed to type up all the purchases from yesterday and I have worked out that I actually got £16278 of stuff:j now I need to go onto the dreaded ebay (I hate that online auction)

    Kelie - the way to stop shopping for stuff that you don't need is to start keeping a spending diary, it need only be a small cheap notebook. Also, make a list of what you need from the shops and take it with you and stick to it and change shops and buy lesser brands especially as M&S is so expensive. As for your OH, he needs to get a place of his own because he is a leech with a gambling and alcohol addiction which he needs help for - I know you love the guy but as others have said you are being taken for a ride. There is no reason why you can't cut out Setanta sport - there are plenty of sports on the terrestrial channels so really there is no excuse to pay to watch telly. If he wants to go to a match then he has to save up and go and buy a ticket.

    Oh sorry peeps, I am starting to feel sleepy and I really should go back to bed as I have to be up at 7am although at this rate it is more likely going to be 9am:eek:
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